Unwelcome Gift shield not on display when mounted in Shield Display Rack

Game mode: PVP 3785
Problem: Unwelcome Gift legendary shield doesn’t display after mounting on a Shield Rack.
Region: US

The shield is in the inventory slot on the rack but it’s just not displaying as the other shields do.

Steps on how to reproduce issue:
1.Add Shield Display Rack to wall
2.Move Unwelcome Gift to rack
3.Note that it’s not displayed even though it’s in the inventory slot.

Hey you’re right. Its been like this for a while too. Someone should look into fixing it on the next patch

I will check later yo confirm

To confirm, sry about ‘yo confirm’

@erjoh perhaps it would work on a weapon. Rack? Don’t have one to test but isn’t it a weapon. Thought I read that.

It’s a named shield…I got somewhere while roaming around mapping clans.

Hi @erjoh, thank you for your report, we’re already aware of the issue and it’s being looked into by the team.

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