Update 2.3.0 (Dark Agartha)



Dark Agartha

The rift is open! Dark Agartha challenges you to a race against time in a world fallen to an apocalyptic fate. The Wandering Others - denizens of the now-ravaged hollow earth - await your descent in intense one-on-one encounters designed to truly test your mettle. Powerful rewards await you, should you overcome the gauntlet…LEARN MORE HERE!


  • Attempting to use the Sanguine Kitty item will give you 250 Anima Shards if already owned.
  • Mysterious Jack-o’-lantern can be consumed for Anima Shards.
  • Item power now correctly scales with pips. This may mean that some players using 1 or 2 pip talismans, weapons, or glyphs may see their item power on the character sheet decrease slightly after the patch. The stat increases provided by items has not changed - only their contribution to a character’s overall item power.
  • Activity Finder now checks your character’s highest known item power instead of your current item power.
  • Using Immutable while Last Rites is equipped will no longer disable both death protection effects.
  • Disabled the New Dawn Collector’s Edition popup on login. If you still wish to purchase the Collector’s Edition, the icon to open it is still present on the topbar.


  • Black Watchmen coat and hoodie items will now display the correct colors.
  • Male characters have correct previews for the Carapace of Gaia head and hand pieces.
  • Army combat pants Blue/Filth has correct preview icon for male characters.


  • Stonehenge is more likely to reward agent Lady of the Mists.
  • Jeronimo missions have standard mission timers.


  • Players must now be alive to enter activities.

IP calculation in 2.3.0
What changed? A quick rundown of SWL updates for returning players

November 15 Hotfix


  • Improvements to server stability.
  • I Walk Into Empty and Nightmare in the Dream Palace are again completable.


  • Elaborate Glyph Fragments now stack to 300.
  • The Lockout window now displays the Dark Agartha lockout.


December 12, 2018


Behold a winter wonderland! Starting December 12th through January 2nd, Krampusnacht returns to Secret World Legends! The Krampus gate has swung open once more, unleashing foes most vile! Hunt Krampus around the world and take the fight to their homeland of Niflheim. Hel awaits you once again in hourly public raids in Agartha!

New this year are Winter Champion monsters you must hunt and defeat - head over to the Paragon Activity board in Agartha to accept your bounty mission. Plus…will you solve the new seasonal investigation mission? :smiley:


  • Added two new pets for purchase from Doctor Caligari: Kitten Carrier and Rooibos’ Kitten Carrier.
  • Dark Agartha and Manhattan Exclusion Zone lockout timers are now properly synced up with challenge timers.
  • Seasonal - XP awarded from public event raid portal missions is now scaled by the character’s level
  • Auction House - The Future Is Now! Drone Delivery is coming to a Patron near you! Remotely withdrawing items from the auction house now shows the delivery drone.


  • Added new 5-star missions for Dragon and Illuminati, to equalize mission availability across factions.
  • Mission “Again Into the Void” shows correct reward preview.
  • Achievements
    • “Right Person, Right Place” achievement should be granted more consistently.
    • Description on “Right Person, Right Place” now indicates Success or Outstanding Success required.


  • Male Uniform Arabian Nights now available in Dressing Room.


December 20, 2018


  • Daily login rewards now give the intended number of Stabilizing Tachyons.


  • Scorched Desert - Droning On and On - The Orochi Clairvoyance Drone will no longer get stuck near the Sarcophagus.