Update 2.3.4 (Valentine's 2020)


Rosenbrawl Open Week
Too afraid to send that risky text? Tired of swiping right to no avail? Fret not! Rosenbaum will fix you right up…with a fix! An authentic Soulmate Machine has been left in the Rosenbrawl and is now accepting input from agents looking for a (sparring) partner! But why is it there in the first place…? Find out in a limited-time event accompanied by a new investigation mission! This limited-time event is available February 12 - February 19.

Emote Preview
You may now preview emotes before purchasing them through the Emote window. The future is now.

Dark Agartha Updates
A new boss makes it debut in Dark Agartha as of this update, as well as new potential ability/effect configurations for all existing bosses. Additionally, 25 new achievements have been added to Dark Agartha! Variety is the spice of life!


  • Fixed a problem with AI target selection that caused some abilities to not be used in 1v1 combat, or against the tank when playing as a group.

  • Crystallised Flame has had some improvements to reduce crashes.


  • Short Circuit - The exploding cyborg can no longer critically injure you when it explodes. Proceed to continue triggering the same explosive day after day.

  • The Rosenbrawl - Fixed several media popups not properly translating into French and German


  • Effigy X77 Scorpion’s Eject Poison attack is now properly centered on the scorpion. This fixes it hitting targets across the zone

  • FATE, The Gatekeeper, and Custodian summoned by Ring of the Hollow Tree, Anima-Infused Keepsake, and Ashes of Fate’s Chosen will no longer block movement


  • Challenge Timeline: Weakened Anima now properly debuffs Assault Rifle, Shotgun and Pistol damage. It no longer incorrectly doubly debuffs Chaos, Elemental and Blood Magic damage.

  • The Gatekeeper: Anima Transfusion - Increased the effect that Elite level has on this module. It now heals for less at lower Elites, and more at higher Elites.

  • The Gatekeeper: Anima Transfusion - Healing is now further increased if Anima Drain is allowed to be fully channeled.


  • Female characters will be able to purchase white Angelic Costume Wings during Halloween events.

February 13, 2020


Improved Reporting
In-game reporting has been improved and now temporarily mutes users who receive multiple unique reports over a short period of time. In order to report a user, right-click on their name in chat to bring up a drop-down menu and then select “Report”. Reporting a user sends a notice to customer service and also adds that user to your Ignore list.


  • Passively summoned entities (such as the Custodian from Anima-Infused Keepsake) will no longer be created in the Rosenbrawl.


  • A New Contender - This mission is temporarily disabled while the Rosenbrawl Open Week is active, as it cannot be completed during the open week.

  • A Match Made in Rosenbrawl

    • The Masked Woman’s Fire Manifestations now properly counter Freezing (Elite 4+).

    • It is no longer possible to delete the phone on tier 4.

    • At Elite 16+, the Masked Woman’s Freezing Manifestation is now even more Freezing.