Valentine's 2021 - Feb 10 til March 1


Due to the issue affecting the event at launch, the event has been extended until the morning of March 1.

Starting February 10 through February 24, you’re invited to a special Rosenbrawl event! All players level 15 or higher automatically get an invite to the free-for-all during this period. If you’ve never been, no problem! You may access the Rosenbrawl from the Tabula Rasa in London. Ask around - we're sure someone can guide you and get you in ;)

Once there, you can choose between three types of boxing gloves (fast and loose, well-balanced, and heavy slugger) and enter a PvP free-for-all arena.

During the Rosenbrawl Open, you'll discover a vintage Soulmate arcade machine. Use it, and maybe you'll find TRUE LOVE...

Disclaimer: Satisfaction not guaranteed.

Beside the arcade cabinet lies a special investigation mission; embark on a task to uncover why the matchmaking machine would be in a pocket dimension in the first place. 🤔

If you've already completed this mission from last year, you'll be able to fast-forward straight to the finale, if you so dare.

Complete the mission and its boss encounter for extra loot and a unique consumable reward: a Romantic Cake!  When used, the cake spawns a feast for you and up to 9 other players to interact with and receive a temporary buff that increases your Crit Chance, Crit Damage, and Health. The cake is a one-time-use consumable, although you can stack multiple cakes in your inventory.

This boss encounter scales to any level or difficulty, and group size. Complete it solo or with 4 other friends!

Two seasonal emotes are now available for purchase from the Emotions Window: 'Heart', and 'Cute Cheesin’. Get ‘em while they last - they’re only available during Rosenbrawl Open!

Lots o' love, bees. Will you find your match?

edit: Fixed images. :adnyplz:


Known Issues

We’re planning a hotfix for the Valentine’s event to address the following two issues:

• Updating Masked Woman encounter loot table to more closely match standard dungeon loot tables post-rebalance.

• Removing legacy dungeon key cost from the Masked Woman encounter; the encounter will not require a key, and will drop improved loot every 8 hours instead.

We don’t have an ETA on the patch just yet but we’ll relay news as soon as it’s available. Thank you!


We’ll be deploying a hotfix tomorrow morning to fix the above issues. The event has been extended to March 1.