MEGAversary 3 - Rosenbrawl Sideevent! 25th June - 7th July


After the success of the last 2 Rosenbrawl events I wanted to do another one. However one big feedback was that people had issues committing to a certain slot so I now it is open ended the whole duration of MEGAversary from 25th June (post anniversary patch)-7th July.

From past experience invites didn’t pose a problem (and should even less now thanks to Valentine and the amount of people that could get it that time) but in case someone doesn’t have invites I gladly help out by either sending someone to bring an invite or hand it out myself.

All in all it is planned as a sideevent for the main thing: The MEGAversary and the Anniversary and I will do my best to announce any events people are starting or golems spawning and inbetween you can have fun beating up people. Since I know most will want a bit more there will be two contests held in Rosenbrawl itself.

I will try my best to be as avaidable as possible in the SWL servers #omgpvpwtf Voice channel
( ) and ingame in both the #event and the #rosenbrawl channel (command /chat join #channelname) plus I try my best to answer per Tell.

One is the “Kill Da Wabbit” Event by our dear JimmyTheRabbit (A notion I highly encourage. Hunt him down): MEGAversary 3 Kill Da Wabbit! A Rosenbrawl Event - 28th June 11:00 AM EDT, 17:00 CEST

The other is the MEGAversary Rosenbrawl Screenshot contest by me. Were you show your best moment you had in the Rosenbrawl during the MEGAversary runtime: MEGAversary 3 - Rosenbrawl's Show your Fightingspirit Screenshot Contest 25th June - 7th July


Will you be announcing when you are in there in a specific channel, Leo?

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Can do. I probably call it out in Rosenbrawl itself and the event channel. I fully expect that I will have like 10 chats open and jump zones like crazy to see if people are in front of the Tabula rasa. Accessibility was always a hindrance for Rosenbrawl.


Changed the date to line up with the start of the anniversary (from 24th to 25th)