MEGAversary 3 - Rosenbrawl's Show your Fightingspirit Screenshot Contest 25th June - 7th July

Show your fightingspirit in the Rosenbrawl and win prizes for being awesome!

This contest will run for the whole duration of the MEGAversary (Starting 25th June to including 7th July). What you need to do?
Make a screenshot of your coolest moment in the Rosenbrawl? Killed 4 people with one attack? Got that sneaky light? Fought David vs Goliath? Everything goes!
Whatever screenshot you pick throw it into the comments during the MEGAversary duration (until end of 7th july) down under this thread and you are in. So simple? Yes, so simple.
You can send in more than one screenshot but only the latest will be counted (pre closing date of course)


First Place: Cat Ear Headphones (Black and Red), Agent Dossier: The Duo, 30 Gold Kaidan Keys

Second Place: New Years Dragon, Agent Dossier: The Duo, 20 Gold Kaidan Keys, 20 Resplendent Talisman Fragments

Third Place: 1 Flame Wreathed Blade of Recover MK III, Agent Dossier: The Duo, 10 Resplendent Talisman Fragments

Note: If you already own the New Year Dragon or the Cat Ear Headphones (Black and red) please note and you get 5 Agent Booster: Freemason instead


I do like this one, if only for the showdown feeling it gives, at least for me.


But I’ll go with this one because I have fallen in love with the feel of heavy punches, whether I’m the one flying or being sent flying.




Sidenote for all the people still wanting to enter: Thanks to my life getting busy, technical struggles and the upcoming beta I failed a lot at being avaidable 24/7 in the Rosenbrawl but if ever interest exists for getting me for a photoshot or some scene you want to capture hit me up in game, in discord or here and I try helping out. Else I might only be able to visit rosenbrawl a few hours a day.

I’m terrible sorry for that. I also realize it wasn’t the best idea to have the event so broad and if future events happen I probably have a smaller timeslot of a few hours.