24h-Megabossathlon - Dec 30 7:00 UTC to Dec 31 7:00 UTC

The Highlight

We have 6 x Jack Boone and 3 x Metal Savage Outfit in the prize pot!

Jack Boone is best tanking agent (same stats like Jeronimo) and best for agent mission “Return of the Ripper”, 66% success chance with red crystal ball!

The Challenge

Let’s do a crazy 24h Megaboss summon!

The challenge for the community is to kill 300 Megabosses within 24h.
The challenge for Ninja-Enya (Agnetha alt) is to tank through the entire 24h.

Join us for as long as you can!

Time of the Event

Your local time: 2023-12-30T07:00:00Z - 2023-12-31T07:00:00Z

UTC: Dec 30 7:00 - Dec 31 7:00
CET: Dec 30 8:00 - Dec 31 8:00
EST: Dec 30 2am - Dec 31 2am
PST: Dec 29 11pm - Dec 30 11pm

Please save the date!


Prizes for 10 players with highest amount of total damage during the entire 24h event - Winner gets to choose first:

  • 2 x [Special Agent Dossier: Jack Boone]
  • 1 x [Savage Metal - Outfit]
  • 7 x 100 Mixed Fragments (50 Weapon + 25 Talisman + 25 Glyph) if we kill at least 300, 60 Mixed Fragments (40 Weapon + 10 Talisman + 10 Glyph) otherwise

Prizes for 10 players with highest amount of total fight time during the entire 24h event - Winner gets to choose first:

  • 2 x [Special Agent Dossier: Jack Boone]
  • 1 x [Savage Metal - Outfit]
  • 7 x 100 Mixed Fragments (50 Weapon + 25 Talisman + 25 Glyph) if we kill at least 300, 60 Mixed Fragments (40 Weapon + 10 Talisman + 10 Glyph) otherwise

Big raffle among all participants. Winning chances are higher for those who join longer, but every participant gets a decent chance for a nice prize - Winner gets to choose first:

  • 2 x [Special Agent Dossier: Jack Boone]
  • 1 x [Savage Metal - Outfit]
  • 1 x [Unbound Military Backpack (Faction Colored)]
  • 1 x [Shocking Steps, Green]
  • 2 x [Rocketeer’s Pack]
  • 3 x 100 Mixed Fragments (50 Weapon + 25 Talisman + 25 Glyph) if we kill at least 300, 60 Mixed Fragments (40 Weapon + 10 Talisman + 10 Glyph) otherwise
  • 5 x [Energizing Talisman Empowerment Catalyst]
  • 3 x [Signet of Laceration] (if we kill at least 300)

Prizes will be given for each category individually, but each player can get at most one Jack Boone and one Savage Metal Outfit.

Prize Sponsoring:

  • Sponsored by Funcom:
    • 6 x [Special Agent Dossier: Jack Boone]
    • 3 x [Savage Metal - Outfit]
  • Sponsored by Agnetha (aka Ninja-Enya):
    • 275 x [Elaborate Glyph Fragment] (20 if we kill less than 300)
    • 275 x [Resplendent Talisman Fragment] (20 if we kill less than 300)
    • 250 x [Mk IV Weapon Fragment] (80 if we kill less than 300)
    • 3 x [Signet of Laceration] (if we kill at least 300)
  • Sponsored by JimmyTheRabbit:
    • 300 x [Mk IV Weapon Fragment]
    • 5 x [Energizing Talisman Empowerment Catalyst]
  • Sponsored by Katelin (Nine Swords Cabal):
    • 300 x [Mk IV Weapon Fragment]
  • Sponsored by Hilix:
    • 1 x [Unbound Military Backpack (Faction Colored)]
  • Sponsored by Drenneth:
    • 1 x [Shocking Steps, Green]
    • 2 x [Rocketeer’s Pack]
    • 150 x [Elaborate Glyph Fragment]
    • 150 x [Resplendent Talisman Fragment]

Event Rules & Organizational Details

Mandatory to read:

  • Always join on same character if you want to compete for total damage and/or fight time. Each character is rated individually!
  • Ninja-Enya is tanking. Nobody else is allowed to taunt the boss. If you do so, you will be disqualified, because the boss may turn around and kill innocent people.
    Prohibited abilities / gadgets:
    • Raging Volcano
    • Evulsion
    • Sonic Blast
    • Manticore X27 Agitator
  • Summon group members are not allowed to engage the boss before the tank. If they do so, the tank will let them die. The tank will wait for the first non-summoners to arrive at the boss platform before initiating the fight, for the sake of fairness. It is recommended that summoners wait on top until the tank jumps down, to avoid lagging into the boss accidentally.
  • Damage contributions of alt characters will not be added up (I cannot control who is alts and who is players trying to team up). Each character will participate individually. That means you may slightly increase your raffle chance if you swap between characters, but compromise your chance for the total damage / fight time competition.

Additional rules for those who are interested in details:

  • Ninja-Enya will always be leader of the summon group and always initiate the summon.
  • We will summon Tree, Mummy and Crab. No Ghosts.
  • The summon group seats will be rotated every 5 summons. 3 seats are preferably given to high DPS players, 1 seat will be open to anyone. Send a PM to Ninja-Enya to apply for a summon group seat. Leave any group you might be in when you get a PM saying you’re next summoner. If you’re in a group when summon group is reformed, next in line will be taken.
  • Summoners who are afk or crashed will be replaced instantly, to keep the pace.
  • There will be 5 minute breaks after every 20 summons, and 15-20 minute breaks about every 8h (depending on needs of event host).
  • The winners of highest damage and longest fight time competition, as well as people qualified for the raffle will be announced on the forum about 12 hours after the event ends. (Host will be tired after the event and need sleep :wink:
  • The raffle will be held publicly by Agnetha at the bank of Agartha, Jan 1st 19:00 UTC. The raffle winners will be determined using the SWL built-in random generator (“/roll” chat command).
  • Raffle algorithm: All players eligible for the raffle will be sorted by fight time and assigned a group number. 5, 10 or 20 groups will be made, depending on number of participants, max group size is 100. The biggest group (with lowest contribution players) will be 5 times bigger than the smallest group (with highest contribution players), the groups in between scaled linearly. For the raffle, the group number is rolled first, then the number of the person within the group (using modulo operation, discarding the roll if the number is too big, all group members must have same chance). This way, a higher contribution can give you an up to 5 times increased chance for a raffle win, since chance for each group is same, but in smaller group each individual has a higher chance on 2nd roll.
  • Community donated prizes will be handed out by Agnetha after the raffle. Winners who are not present at that time can contact Agnetha or BennyTheBanker until end of January 2024 for prize handout, either via in-game postal service (Auction House window), PM, or Discord.
    Jack Boone and Savage Metal Outfit will be handed out by Funcom.

Tips & Tricks

  • You can form groups to share Opening Shot buff.
  • Crab Boss (The Abyssopelagic Horror):
    • Use [The Osmium Configuration] or [Phoenician Support Stratagem] if your weapon range is short, so you don’t have to dodge out of the big AOE.
    • Stand in the white pools around the boss if you need a cleanse.
    • A passive heal can be helpful. Cleanse in summon group will be done by the tank.
  • Mummy Boss (Kenememti the Fear Eater):
    • When you get the debuff from the mummy (10 stacks), use at least 7 attack abilities during the next 10 seconds to avoid heavy damage from death sentence. If you afk, this is your punishment :stuck_out_tongue:
    • Go full DPS. No survival, heal or cleanse needed.
  • Tree Boss (Bunica Padurii):
    • Go full DPS. No survival, heal or cleanse needed.


Will be announced here about 12h after the event ended.

Following characters are not competing to win prizes:

  • Agnetha / Tarja-Susanna / Ninja-Enya / BennyTheBanker
  • Vomher (and alts)
  • Drenneth (and alts)


Organizer: Agnetha (aka Ninja-Enya)
Co-Organizer: Vomher
Logistics Support: DawnCharger


First of all: Happy New Year to everyone!

Thank you all for being part of this crazy event, I hope you enjoyed it as much as I did! All the organizational work, all the tanking for 24h is worth nothing if nobody shows up to deliver damage on these bosses! And we won both challenges: You delivered on killing 300 MB in 24h, in fact it was even 356 MB in the end, the 300th was down already after 19.5h. And I delivered on tanking each one of them :slight_smile:

While the event was going very smooth for most part, there were 2 incidents for which I would like to apologize. I think it’s natural with such an unprecedented and long event, that not everything is going exactly according to plan.

At one point where so many people were breaking the event rules and rushing in ahead of me, there was a fight that has become so messy already that I couldn’t rescue it anymore and decided to not jump down until the playfield reset. Unfortunately I didn’t take into account that this would take so long that we run into the deserter timer. This was giving us an unplanned 10 minute break, but at least the situation greatly improved afterwards, as people understood that there’s limits of what I can tolerate, in order to protect the integrity and fairness of the event. Thanks to everyone who was cooperating and playing according to the rules. Rest assured it is not without consequences for who was actively sabotaging the event.

Regarding the debate about the 20 minute break, I’d like to apologize for not being specific enough in the event rules. The event was organized under high time pressure since the idea for it was born just after the coincidental 100 MB summon on Dec 2, and I wanted to get the event done during the winter event, while the player community is most active. What I did mean to write in the rules is that I might have to do a 20 minute break eventually instead of just 5 minutes, to get a nap, whenever I need one. I truly expected this should happen after about 8h, but it didn’t. The event was meant to be a non-stop summon as much as humanly possible for the tank, while everyone else can have individual breaks anytime by skipping some fights. So I didn’t want to lose time on summons until I actually do need a longer break, which might have well happened just 1h after we made the actual 20 minute break. But eventually it turned out I didn’t need a nap at all during the entire event. After 16h I was actually so tired that I would have lost the momentum of activity that kept me going if we added any longer break. I was fearful that I might fall into deep sleep in a longer break and it would terminate the event. Luckily we naturally had another longer break from summons later, as we could already celebrate the 300th kill 4.5h before the event ended :slight_smile:

In any case, it was my mistake phrasing the event rules in a misleading way, so it was ok that you got the first long break by democratic vote. I’m sorry for any upheaval this discussion caused. I think we all learned from this, as we were travelling unchartered territory with this event. I also didn’t expect how invested some people would become to not miss out a single fight. I’m glad to realize I’m not the only crazy nerd out there :stuck_out_tongue:

But overall, things went very well. No disconnects or crashes on my end, which would have delayed the event. The vast majority of participants was very cooperative and playing according to the rules. The feedback from the community was overwhelmingly positive, thank you everyone for your messages, it’s highly appreciated! And you all did a great job in massively overdelivering on the 300 MB challenge. I’m pretty sure we’ve written SWL history here, as I haven’t heard of any occasion where 356 MB have been killed in a row before. Big congrats & thanks to everyone!

Thanks & Honorable Mentions

First of all I’d like to specially thank Funcom for the collaboration, which made this event big and getting people invested in staying for the full 24h to compete for Jack Boone and the Savage Metal Outfit!

Then I’d like to thank to the friendly GM who spiced up the event with some special fun bosses :slight_smile:

Thanks to Vomher for all her great input into the event setup, reviewing my ideas, making good suggestions, and being in touch with Funcom.

Finally I’d like to thank Douglis, BeforeEve, teg, SadButTrue and Unidentified, who committed themselves to stay and carry this event with dps for the full 24h.

We should also honour the fact that Douglis and teg managed to stay for the full 24h while being on American timezones, with Douglis running this from 2am to 2am and teg from 11pm to 11pm. The other 3 main contesters were all European. I’m sorry for this unfair advantage of Europeans, it was just something I couldn’t help, as this timeframe was the only way I could commit myself to tank it for the full 24h, being European myself.

A special mention should also go to Askios, as he has shown a remarkable level of commitment for a player of his level, joining about 2h after the event started and staying until the end, without any long breaks. He’s a clear outlier in his dps category, and I hope we will see more of him!

And finally a special mention to SadButTrue for doing IceBeam with Glaciate, which is not an ideal ability for doing top dps yourself, but nicely buffing the entire raid. It made the megabosses brittle so we can kill them faster. Thank you for that, SadButTrue!


Total Megaboss Kills: 356
Average Kill Time: 1:03 min
Minimum Kill Time: 0:42 min
Maximum Kill Time: 2:20 min
Average Summon Roundtrip Time: 4:04 min
Damage contribution by the 4 Jack Boone winners: ~35%
Damage contribution by top 10 damage winners: ~60%


The raffle has been shifted to Saturday Jan 6, 18:00 UTC, so it can be streamed by Jimmy.
Your local time: 2024-01-06T18:00:00Z
Please tune in to Jimmy’s Twitch at that time to witness the raffle live: Twitch
If you like, you can also ask me questions in Jimmy’s Twitch chat.

All raffle participants are listed in the attached spreadsheet, together with their ACT parse, group ID and player ID:

Raffle Participants.xlsx (27.9 KB)

The raffle winners will be determined as follows:

  • A sequence of rolls is made to determine raffle winner ranks from 1 to 30 (18 raffle prizes to be distributed, extra ranks in case someone resigns the prize)
  • For each rank, 2 rolls are performed in the in-game raid chat which will be streamed by JimmyTheRabbit. 7-8 random people can join the raid chat, the others can follow the raffle on Twitch.
  • First roll determines the group ID of the winner according to following formula:
    GroupID = Roll mod 10
  • Second roll determines the player ID of the winner according to following formula:
    PlayerID = Roll mod GroupSize
  • If the second roll exceeds the valid max roll, it will be repeated. See group table below. (The roll limitation is needed to give same chances to each player of a group.)

Raffle group sizes have been determined according to following formula:
GroupSize = ParticipantCount * (1 + GroupID * 4/9) / 30

Raffle Math

If you’re confused by all the math: Don’t worry, you can just follow Jimmy’s stream and hear the results, or check the winner table which will be published on this forum post. I just publish all this for the sake of transparency. I know it is a bit elaborated, but it is the most practical way I could think of in order to make a public raffle roll with the in-game random generator that produces values from 1-100. I know that most people would trust me if I did this secretly with whatever software, but I think proof is better than trust :wink:


Big congrats to the winners of the contests! Every Jack Boone and Savage Metal Outfit was hard earned and is well-deserved!

Spreadsheet with all data:
Results.xlsx (43.2 KB)
(Last pubslished update: 2024-03-02)

Note 1: For the total damage / fight time contests, I merged only 355 of the 356 MB fights. As announced during the event, I didn’t count the one fight that I messed up. For the raffle, all 356 fights are taken into account, to make sure nobody is left out.

Note 2: I posted Ninja-Enya’s fight time for reference, as she naturally got the highest as tank. As a rough estimate, you can multiply any player’s fight time by 4 to get their total time of presence. Of course it depends a bit on the time of day, since kills were faster during busy hours, and slowed down towards the end of the event, so it’s just a rough estimate.

Damage Contest Winners

(Last published update: 2024-01-06, see spreadsheet download above for latest update)

Fight Time Contest Winners

(Last published update: 2024-01-06, see spreadsheet download above for latest update)

Raffle Winners

The raffle winners have been determined in a public session on Jan 6, streamed live by Jimmy, and witnessed also by Vomher and the people who were in the raid for the rolls: Twitch
(The link might take you to the root page, copy-paste following URL to your browser to directly get to the recorded raffle stream: https://www.twitch.tv/videos/2024635423)

(Last published update: 2024-01-06, see spreadsheet download above for latest update)

The raffle winner list as posted above is now official and will not change anymore, since nobody raised any objections within 24h after publishment.

Note 1: I realized right after the raffle that I made a mistake during the live stream. Provisional rank 14 (later shifted to 13 due to rank upgrade of existing raffle winner) was wrongly calculated. 68 mod 44 = 24 (not 25), so that’s player 7.24 (Vivri), not 7.25 (Nesuni). I will throw in an extra talisman catalyst (the likely prize for these ranks) to make it a total of 19 prices in the pot.

Note 2: The list of Jack and outfit winners will be submitted to Funcom within 1 week. If we get no feedback from AlicePowered, I will have to assume they’re an inactive player and pass on Jack to next in line. All other Jack and outfit winners are very active players that I could easily contact, and they all made their claim.

Note 3: The other raffle winners are contacted by me and asked to submit their preference of the items in the prize pot. I will then assign the prizes according to the preferences, higher ranks served first, and deal out prizes that have already been determined whenever people are available.

ACT Parse

Top section of ACT parse:

Please forgive that I’m not posting the entire parse, since that’s about 15 pages. You find a full list in the raffle participant section.


Our start crew 07:05 UTC

4h into the event, routinely killing trees

A Golem Megaboss :heart_eyes:

Leet Megaboss

Robot Megaboss

Our 200th kill is a Pinata :smiley:

BF Statue Megaboss

Auction House Drone Megaboss

Explosive Megaboss

Bird Megaboss

It’s trying to eat my golem :scream_cat:

The GM is joining us in celebrating our 300th kill, spawning a giant Dinosaur :star_struck:

We’re celebrating the fulfillment of the community challenge to kill 300 MB in 24h

But even though we’re all tired, we have to keep going for another 4.5h, I have to win my challenge too!

Me after winning my challenge to tank megabosses for 24h :dizzy_face:


Don’t worry about it. It was a tight schedule to begin with. Get some proper rest first!

Thanks again for running this and Happy New Year! :tada:


I couldn’t even break 12k dps, but at least I look awesome in the screenshot.
Thanks again for the event. Hopefully next time I won’t miss the announcement and I’ll be there to do more.


Thanks again for this, Agnetha! It was a ton of fun. I hit some personal bests and met my own goals of staying up past sunrise (started at 11pm for me) and staying till the end once I came back from my nap. Big thanks also to the heavy hitters who helped keep everything moving quickly all day!


this was honestly so much fun, the challenge of being alert awake and competent was real haha! i dont think anyone is going to focus on minor changes and switches that had to be made for the event to succeed, i think what we will all remember is an endurance contest that surprised everyone, even ourselves, at just how tenacious we are and determined to have some fun (and win some great prizes while we were at it!) I am still getting my sleep schedule back on track but it was really so much fun. I am honored to have been a part of it. Hats off to all of the organizers, donators and coordinators of this great thing!


It was a great event. Managed to spend time on four of my characters. It was a lot of fun … Thank you :star_struck:


:sparkles:Thank you Agnetha for this event and the time you spended in it.
My fragments can be offer on the second list :slight_smile:

Congratz to the winners :sparkling_heart: :tada:


I missed the raffle stream, hope you folks had a fun time :slight_smile:


Very nice work! I stumbled in pretty late but it was a good time.

I took some video of the t-rex, even though she isn’t animated!


Cool, thank you for posting! I couldn’t see it from that angle since I was tanking, and couldn’t get that far away from it so it was too big to fit on my screen.


@AlicePowered: Please get in touch with me and let me know if you claim Jack Boone or one of the other items in the raffle prize pot.

If anyone reads this who is in touch with AlicePowered, please let them know to check this forum latest by Jan 14 and give me feedback. Thank you!

I can hold prize items at least until end of month in my bank, but I cannot let everyone wait for a month until they know what they get.

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