Secret World Legends Romantic Cake Creation Contest

February 9, 2022 7:00 PMFebruary 24, 2022 11:59 PM

Rosenbrawl Open Contest : Romantic Cake title-border-bottom

Romance blossoms and love blooms, but you can always be sure that the Romantic Cake will be there for you and your crew. Thanks to Mr Rosenbaum, this cake is just a sweetheart. The Romantic Cake helps you out when times are tough. Regardless of whether you simply love cake or have seen this treat prevent defeat, the season of romance is the perfect time to share some appreciation for such a loving confectionery creation!

From now until until the hands of time land on 25 February 2022, turn the tables on Mr Rosenbaum and create a Romantic Cake of your own!

Sweet Somethings title-border-bottom

Recreate the beloved Romantic Cake we all know and love using any desired medium or media! It’s your turn, sweetlings, to make the very cake you can only get your honeyed hands on during the Rosenbrawl Open Week when the mysterious Mr Rosenbaum is feeling oh-so-generous!

How each sweetling goes about doing so is up to them. Bake a true cake or mold one to life with skills of a craft. Yes, it’s true - there are many ways to make a cake! Physical or digital, any rendition of the Romantic Cake will flow so sweet, so taste the inspiration and see!

Cake Categories

Make a realistic take on the Romantic Cake, faithfully replicate it polygon-for-polygon with painstaking precision, or make something entirely new – it’s up to you!

Judges will review submissions for the following cake categories:

  • True-to-Life (Hyperrealistic Cake)
  • True-to-Game (Polygons and All)
  • True-in-Heart (Unique Interpretations and Creative Creations)

Rules and Criteria title-border-bottom

  • Submissions MUST have the Romantic Cake from Secret World Legends in some way, shape, or form as a central focus.
  • Entries must be posted as a reply within this thread and must explicitly state their status as contest entries.
  • Entries must include either photographic or screenshot image(s), video(s), or links of your Romantic Cake creation.
  • Entries must include in the post the nickname of the character to whom prizes may be distributed.
  • Entries must include the desired cake category to be entered in to.
  • Entries must be your own work - don’t be like Chandra and steal 40 cakes!
    • Collaborative entries are accepted provided they are still wholly the work of those involved; however, they can only be submitted once per creation.
  • Only one entry per player per cake category allowed. We like cake too.
  • Please only enter Safe-For-Work cake creations. For example, we will only accept one of Inbeda’s cakes:


Romantic Cake entries will be accepted from 9 February 2022 at 14:00:00 UTC through 24 February 2022 at 23:59:59 UTC. No cakes, no matter how great, can be accepted after the clock strikes midnight!


Participation: All who submit a qualifying entry will receive One (1) “Kawaii Revenant t-shirt” clothing item for your chosen character. Yes, that’s right, the awfully adorably Kawaii Revenant t-shirt is available for the first time since 2013!

Runner-Up Winners: One (1) “Heart Pajamas, purple” item and One (1) “Kawaii Revenant t-shirt” clothing item for your chosen character. The “Heart Pajamas, purple” item grants both the “Heart pajamas, purple” and “Hooded heart pajamas, purple” clothing items and is exclusive to the Valentine’s Day Community Contests!

First-Place Winners: One (1) “Morph suit, pink” clothing item, One (1) “Heart Pajamas, purple” item, and One (1) “Kawaii Revenant t-shirt” clothing item for your chosen character. Be one of the few bees to own the “Morph suit, pink” prior to its release!

Secret World Legends Romantic Cake Teaser

Colors fly into your jelly eyes! Is it purple? Is it pink? It’s a purplish pink and a pinkish purple! It’s the vibrant debut of the Morph suit, pink!

In addition, all who place FIRST in their respective categories will win special Secret World Legends swag lovingly crafted by @Kylaney and consisting of:

  • One (1) Personalized Secret World Legends t-shirt with YOUR Nickname
  • Two (2) Secret World Legends Keychains
    • One (1) Personalized Secret World Legends Logo Keychain with YOUR Nickname
    • One (1) Secret World Legends Legend Keychain
  • Two (2) Secret World Legends Collapsible Phone Grip
    • One (1) Secret World Legends Swirl Logo Collapsible Phone Grip
    • One (1) Secret World Legends Legend Collapsible Phone Grip

Some example photographs courtesy of Kylaney herself:

Left: Secret World Legends Logo Keychains, title side up.
Right: Secret World Legends Logo Keychains, swirl side up and awaiting names.
Below: Phone Grips, collapsed.


Winners to be announced by 28 February 2022. Stay tuned, sweetlings!

Our incandescent eyes are alight with anticipation. May ideas of treats flow so sweet!

Supermassive thanks to Funcom for collaborating on this contest as well as for making these screenshots possible!


Someone said cake ?


It’s a old joke and not very funny anymore. At least i didn’t shout "LEEEROY JE(“Enough of that.” - Ed).



Send Prizes To: rephaim


Category: True-to-Game

My own work: I made it all! Well, everything related to the cake, the writing, the production, et cetera, except for the obligatory music sample.


Here is my contest entry.

Character: Bumblebread

Category: True-in-Heart

On a beautiful moonlit night such as this, you just have to put your differences aside and enjoy some delicious cake <3

On this tiny planet, it took a lot of coaxing to convince the Ur-Draug to sit still for a photo and not attack me. I died 10 times just finding the respectable distance between us to place the cake.

It took 673 screenshots, and 6 cakes to finally get right, with the final image using 78 images and coming in at the equivalent of 158megapixels (the full image is 57mb! :scream:).
But it was all worth it, just to share some delicious cake with my monstrous friend.


Hey Vomer and everyone reading! Here is my submission for the Romantic Cake Creation Contest!

I decided to go with True-to-Life as it’s Valentines Day and my wife loves a good chocolate cake. So I present for my entry a chocolate cake with raspberry coconut buttercream and a raspberry jam layer in the middle.

Adding the coconut, by the way, was an accident. The bottle containing vanilla extract just happens to look exactly like the bottle containing coconut extract, and it wasn’t until it was already added that I noticed the error. Ah well. Didn’t hurt the overall deliciousness of the cake, though. :smiley:






(Character name: Ocholivis)


True-in-Heart w/ Player: Kyttan (and her Nermegal)


True-to-Game (ishxD)
Ingame Character name: Lucid

For the lefties :kissing_heart:


Here we go! Here is my True-to-Heart interpretation for the Romantic Cake
(with a red velvet recipe)

player name: “Maru-Maru”
edited: uploaded correct image resolution


There’s an old saying.

“Though Templar’s cannot bake it doesn’t matter because all things Templars make are extraordinary in every way.” ~ A Real Templar (Right Now)

I can’t give away all the secrets but it started with some brainstorming. We prefer not to use the brain as the Pope declares that oxygen is better suited to maintain a Templars godlike figure. I cannot argue that but it still bothers me to this day every time the Pope tells me this. As I had never baked a cake before I decided I would make an acceptance this once.

And there it was. Within moments I had mastered baking. Any longer and I feared I might be better suited as a Dragon or Lumie. But no as per usual my abilities far exceeded my all ready overflowing ego.

Something was terribly wrong though. It didn’t have a cross on it. I mean that’s pretty much the coolest thing about being a Templar we have the sickest crosses. I swear people will be getting these things as tattoos for centuries after our time.

Admittedly that’s a terrible cross, but were under oath to not release our most coveted cross designs to the general public. Let you in on one secret though. Lumies once offered to be our slaves for 100 years if we gave them all our secrets. We laughed. We cant handle you for a 5 minute Shambala match let alone 100 years! Silly Lumies.

My old pal Richy loved it though. And the pope was like “DAMN SOOOONNNN give me a slice a that heart.” He always makes things so awkward around here.

Original photos:

Character Name: Drenneth
Entry: IDK what category this fits in :frowning: True to game perhaps? Life? What is real anymore!
Hope you all enjoyed!


Entrant: JimmyTheRabbit
Category: True-in-Heart (Unique Interpretations and Creative Creations)


I “baked” a heart that will easily crumple but has enough tissue paper to wipe your tears if you’re lonely on Valentine’s.

This is a contest entry for the character Unidentified in the category True-in-Heart


This is a contest entry.

Player: QueenMedb
Category: True-in-Heart

A collage of in-game screenshots: See, Sweetlings! Mr Rosenbaum’s cakes and the PurpleBee Delivery Service make every being in the Secret World jolly. Céline is using a particularly interesting tool to get her piece of cake. At least Akashi is delighted. And Flappy can’t wait to get a slice!
Perhaps they’ll even find a match with the Soulmate to share the sweetness. <3

Thanks for the inspiration and contest Vomher and Funcom!

(edited: typo)


Character: Lera.
This is my contest entry in the True-to-Life category, for which I have carefully crafted both the cake and the table.


category: True-to-Game
character: Panzerpferd
how did it get there


So, uh, created an account so I can post a contest entry (two, actually… real cake and interpretive cake) but new users can’t post photos. :exploding_head:

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contest entry in the category True-To-Life
character nickname Hydrangea

Hydrangea said and i quote
‘’ We joke that cake we eat in January is still good because it’s whiskey cake, so I made chocolate whiskey cake (Chocolate Whiskey Cake Recipe - NYT Cooking). It is cake with whiskey in, not cake soaked in whiskey, so don’t actually make it and eat it 11 months later. It’s very good! Sliced into 10 pieces for sharing, of course. ‘’


Category: True-to-Game.
Character: Pinkhair

“Forty of them, you say? Ah, here they are.” Despite having received quite a number of texts from the man, the sight of Richard Sonnac talking on a smartphone seems vaguely peculiar here in his Temple Hall office.

You recognize one of the reports scattered across the desktop- your own handiwork, poking around in the ancient catacombs beneath Honesty Yard some time back. The others… Your heart sinks as your handler draws a glossy stack of photographs featuring a familiar heart shaped cake from another folder, but the accusatory glare you might have expected does not materialize.

Instead, he puts his phone on speaker, placing it on the desk between you. “You remember DI Shelley, no doubt,” he says. “Apparently, a cake thief has Darkside in terror,” he adds dryly. “And that is… terrible.”

“Oh, we found the cakes, Mr. Sonnac.” You can practically hear Maryanne Shelley’s sunny demeanor shining through. “Burnt Offerings, you know it? Bakery, corner of Æthelburga Row and Pagan Hill. Thirty nine of them, sitting pretty as you like right in the middle of the locked up store. Never delivered.”

As if anticipating Sonnac’s objection, she continues. “Of course, the moment Isabel Rosenbaum’s name came up as the buyer, this whole mess was headed for Agenda 71.”

“The daughter of…?”

“The same. Apparently she had some sort of party to cater. Found an invoice for enough damn cake to fill… Well, just the last batch went missing.” If Sonnac notices your fidgeting, he hides it well.

“There was more, of course. PC Maxwell smelled carrion- nothing too odd, so close to Darkside after a rain, but it was enough to take a look inside. He’s a good one; managed to keep his lunch off my crime scene till I showed up. He thought it was some sort of halal thing he found in the kitchen, you know, the blood drained. Maybe kosher. That’d do for the goat, but dogs are haram.”

Sonnac starts leafing through the rest of the photographs until he finds the scene in question. That one seems to get to him a little, but at least it looks like the animals were killed cleanly. Definitely ritualistic.

“Sacrifice, then?” he asks. “No Cabrit sans cor, at least?”

“Not yet. We found the blood with the last cake…”

“…Underground. Basins of blood and milk, dog statues, inscription, the works. Roman, I’d guess, dug through down under the basement, and that’s about the point where-”

“Wolf,” Sonnac comments, tips of his index fingers lightly drumming on another photo.

“Come again, Dick?”

Lupa Capitolina,” he clarifies. “The wolf that suckled the founders of Rome.” Giving you a long look, he taps the dark image; a statue wolf standing ankle-deep in a red stained basin. No mention of forty little tables, you note.

“I don’t need or want to know it, Mr. Sonnac. Rituals are one thing. Riddles are another. I’ve pulled my lads, got the tape up, let me know when Miss Rosenbaum can collect her bloody cakes.”


Contest entry: "There isn’t enough cake left for a serving."
Category: True-to-Life
Nickname: Lizzaya

It can’t be more true-to-life than this. What can I say, this sweetling likes sweets.

Before it was placed down and shared with fellow bees, this is what it looked like.

Mmmmmmmmmm… Cake…


Contest entry: "Cake with cream, sharpens the dream"
Category: True-to-Game
Nickname: Lizzaya

You know when you have been staring at something for so long that when you close your eyes the image of it lingers?
Well, when I close my eyes after farming cake this is what I see.
Cake with cream, sharpens the dream.