Secret World Legends Romantic Cake Creation Contest

Player: AntiqueRose
Category: True-in-Heart

An admittedly somewhat last minute effort as I thought I had to actually bake a cake, but an effort all the same.

Bee mine?


Contest entry: "Love and Origami"
Category: True-in-Heart
Nickname: Lizzaya

All you need is “Love and Origami”.
I gifted this to a fellow sweetling.
In the heart shaped box (yes, I’m also thinking about Daichi’s laptop password) was a note reading:

“You must be my SOULMATE match
Because you’re a knockout!”

(Could flirty cake be the new fortune cookie?!)

Special thanks to Butterfly8 for the practice and inspiration.


Suggestion : post links to your pics from an image board like

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This is a contest entry in the True-In-Heart category for character nickname DrummrGirl. Our favorite romantic cake rendered in knitting and beading.

Household Nermegal (aka Chaos) is very interested in nomming the decorations, or possibly stealing the fork.


Hi, I had the same problem and could post neither link nor image. I recommend just getting a bit active so you are not new anymore. Or, as you can see others did, ask a friend to post for you.

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Friends from my cabal offered to post for me, thanks! I really didn’t want to have to create yet another account at a different website.

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Time creeps closer, sweetlings! As of this post, only three (3) hours remain to enter into the Secret World Legends Romantic Cake Creation Contest! You can still win the race against Time!

I’m blown away by each and every submission and it fills my heart with glee to see all of your creations. :purple_heart:

The original post has been updated to include more information on the special Kylaney-crafted Secret World Legends swag, so please take a peek at those prizes!

For those who are unable to submit due to their forum accounts lacking the proper permissions, you should be able to reach the appropriate account Trust level relatively quickly and I suggest you complete the forum tutorial if you haven’t already done so; however, you can also have a friend submit it for you if absolutely necessary - provided they don’t steal your cake-credit!

For those in dire need who have nobody else to turn to and ask, I am willing to discuss the possibility of having your submission posted. You will need to contact me ASAP! Please send a message before the deadline through either in-game mail or whisper to my character Vomher before time gets away from you; presumably, your Funcom Forum account is unable to send Private Messages yet if you cannot post a single image or link.

Don’t be afraid to try your hand at making something sweet! I love all you do.


Entry to competition for Aath

Klaus made me … and I want a T-Shirt


Contest entry for Aeryl in the uh… probably True-to-Game category (I don’t know, Vomher made me do it even though I didn’t have time to think of anything special!).

“Cake can be found even in the darkest of places, if one only remembers to turn on the light.”

That’s how that quote goes, right? Right…?


submitting on behalf of a friend with no forum account.
category: True-in-Heart
character: wirerat
lurker taking well more than 40 cakes


I think I’ve been on that raid. :rofl:


Category: True-in-Heart
Player: Lavyne
I hope this entry may be accepted. (Could be tagged as spoilers??)
I apologize for the bad brush strokes lol


Just a wee little sketch, because Sophie and Zaha deserve nice things.

A True-in-Heart contest entry, with Bonejangles as my in-game prize recipient (and probably the one taking the photo after having encouraged Zaha). :heartpulse:


The clock strikes twelve - the time to submit an entry into the Secret World Legends Romantic Cake Creation Contest has concluded!

Every single entry will be given a loving look throughout the next few days as the judges come together and make a consensus on the wondrous cakes created here. Our incandescent eyes are alight with anticipation.

You all were absolutely amazing - thank you all, you beautiful bees, for your participation in this contest!

Stay tuned, sweetlings, because winners will be announced after 28 February 2022!


Ahhhh these are all so awesome!!! :smiley:


The kazoos were a really nice touch. xD


Obviously too late for entry but figure I share anyway, Guessing would be a “true in game” :slight_smile: Hopefully last me a while



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I farmed 500 and that was painful enough! Well cakes on rifla if there in group!


I think it usually is lol

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