Community Spirit Contest!


With the 1 year Anniversary of SWL upon us, I thought this was a great time to reflect on those moments, the people and community that we like so very much. This is the time to let the rest of the community know what and/or who makes it special for you, what moments stand out for you and why this is the community you are proud to be a part of.

This contest will be in 8 categories, it will Run from July 9th-August 13th. Giving everyone plenty of time to gather up their entries as I know some do not have time each day to be in game, or on the forums. I would like those who are a little more busy to have the opportunity to be involved as well.

Each of the first 3 Categories will have 2 Prizes attached to it, as well as 1 additional for honourable mentions. Extra Prizes will be awarded for creativity. Prizes are not category specific and will be listed at the bottom for reference. Each of the categories’ prizes will be awarded as follows, one for the Nominee and one for the Nominator for categories 1-3 and a 1st, 2nd and 3rd place for categories 4-8. This is about community Spirit, so all categories are community based topics.

The Categories for this contest are:

As each of the categories 1-3 are stories about two individuals, both individuals of the winning story will receive a prize. There will be a prize for the second place story, again for both individuals. Prizes will also be awarded for honorable mentions.

1: My Mentor, My Friend.

Has there been someone you met in Secret World Legends at the beginning (Or anytime) that helped you? Someone that you are still friends with? We would like to hear about them! We have all had someone help us at one point or another, those are the people we would like to meet and acknowledge. I’m sure we have all asked what we thought was a very time sensitive and important question and one with a difficult answer. The person who helped us may have thought it was an easy question but in that moment we were desperately needing help, and they came to the rescue! Friendships have been made through similar situations and we would like to hear your story! Let us know who helped you, how they helped you and what makes them such a great member of the community.

2: Ride with me.

Calling all screenshot genuises! We are looking for screenshots of you and a fellow community member, someone who you enjoy doing missions with, queing up for dungeons with or running into hourly raid portals with. This can be a screenshot of you both sitting and having a chat in Axel’s Cafe in Agartha, riding bikes through beautiful Savage Coast or dancing silly in Shadowy Forest. whatever it is that you would like to show off! Please add a short explaination of you and your friend, how you met them in game. Whatever you would like us to know, just a short but sweet sentence, 150 words or less so that everyone understands the context.

3: Frozen in Time.

In this category we are looking for your favourite memory of the game that you shared with a friend or another member of the community. Was it a dungeon run where you had a lot of laughs? Maybe it was one of the events we have had over the past year, something that you really enjoyed. The fondest memory you shared with a friend, let us know about it. You can share your memory by story, drawing, digital art, or screenshot. Let your creative juices flow! Please make sure if you are sending in art, to put in a description of what was your best/most favourite moment of the past year in Secret world Legends as it may not always be apparent when looking at art. A brief description under 200 words is fine.

In Categories 4-8, it will be 3 Prizes per category, 1st place, 2nd place and 3rd place. A 4th Prize will be given for honourable mentions, not necessarily in every category, just those entries that deserve an honourable mention.

4: I got your back!

The Secret World Legends Community has always been extremely helpful. Tell us what you do to help others. How do you make their gameplay a little easier or more enjoyable. Is it being active in advocating the inclusion of others? talking to newer players to help them understand the basics? or giving someone a piece of gear or 2 to help them along a little. What is it you do to help new players become more familliar with the game, understand the crafting a little more or help them along with missions or just find their way.

5: I came, I saw, I stayed.

Are you new to Secret World Legends? What brought you to the game and what was it that kept you here? Have you been in the game for a day, week, month or year? This is your chance to let everyone know what brought you to the game, how you heard about it and what your thoughts are. We want to hear what you have to say. What aspects got you interested? After 1 year since the Secret World Legends launch, the game and it’s community is still going strong. Every community member is appreciated, each one with their very own unique story. Let’s hear yours!

6: They are SWL.

This is where we ask you to nominate someone who is a great ambassador for the game and the community. Someone that really enjoys the game and it’s community and goes out of their way to show their pride? Someone who goes above and beyond, helps others and is always there when someone has a question or needs assistance with something. A supporter of the game and a proud community member. Who is the person for you that you know you can rely on to answer the easy and difficult questions, the one who not only helps but is more than happy to do so and always has encouraging words. We would like to celebrate those players and their contributions to the community and it’s members.

7: The Story and more.

This category is for all you RPers out there. We all know that Secret World Legends has a fantastic story, we also know that for a lot of people there is more to the story than what the game gives you. What is it about the Secret World Legends Community that makes RP so enjoyable? What keeps you RPing? Anything you would like us to know about the RP part of the game and community. Who knows, you may peek the interest of players who are on the fence about Role Playing in Secret World Legends and help them decide if they would like to give it a try.

8: My Picasso.

For all the amazing artists out there, this is the one is for you! Any art, whether it is a poem, a drawing, a comic or the way you like to express your creativity. show us what the game and community has meant for you. You do not necessarily need to add a description to your entry however if you would like everyone to know why that moment was/is so special to you, a short description of 150 words or less is okay.

Prizes are as follows:

One Full Outfit and Pet from each Cache. One set per categories 1-3, as well as one each for Categories 4-8. 4-8 will also include MK II and MK III weapons of Superior and Epic Quality. Also included in the prizes are Sprints/Mounts Other Pets only available from the Kaidan Shipping containers as well as Mythic and Legendary Shipping Container Keys.

*** One Entry Per category per person. You may enter once in Categories 1-3 and once in categories 4–8. Please submit your entries to with “Community Spirit Contest” as the subject line. Please don’t forget to include your In game name, the in game name of anyone you are nominating as well as the category in which you are submitting your entry. Contest will close at Midnight EDT August 13th, 2018.

Please Note: This contest is NOT being run by Funcom, it is being run by members of the community. If you have any questions feel free to ask in the thread and they will be answered here!



So much to do.
This is wonderful.

Where do I start first??
This will take some thinking.


Do all the things ! and the fun things first ! <3


I have a great story for this…I just cannot for the life of me remember who I was with when it happened :smiley:


I hope you remember and are able to tell us your story, We would love to hear it!

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This contest is so wonderful! A truly splendid idea.

I’m going to have to think really hard about an entry, because I only recently started interacting with the community. Before then I was so shy I just hid if I saw another player, or stood motionless if someone tried to interact with me in any way.

Quick question, for some entries like 1, and 2, it mentions how you met them in game, but does it count if it’s someone I already knew, but they were the one who got me into the game, taught me all the stuff I need to know, and run most group content with?


Yes, that will certainly count Bumble. :blush:


Gettin’ in the spirit. Pardon my off-brand shirt!


That’s awesome you guys!!! We have a great community and Amazing community managers :heavy_heart_exclamation:


love those two pictures =P. So umm would interactions with people in TSW count XD? … i was mostly mentored in TSW why i ask =P

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This is about the Community, it is the anniversary of SWL yes, but the main focus here is the community in the game. I do not feel it would be fair to exclude TSW as a lot of us came from there. Stories about Community in Secret world are all ok :slight_smile:

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Just a reminder, there is still time left but it closes on the 13th of August, 2018!


Still working on my entry but came across this screenshot.

Thought it’d be perfect for the “Ride With Me” category but for these two little cuties instead of anyone else.

Here we see two young guardians working (together to get one of the anima launch pads fixed.
One cheers the other on while welding the last of the pad together, strengthening the bonds of their friendship.


Only 4 days left D: I am panicking slightly now because I have been procrastinating so much xD


I have few questions…

  1. does midnight 13th include 13th or not? (would really appreciate some counter here since EDT is ‘have-no-idea-how-many-hours-from-here’ zone for me…)
  2. can we post work in process and final work anywhere? Before deadline? After deadline? After winners announce whenever it’s supposed to be?

Yeah, I’m a bit confused there as well when it comes to the contest close wording. It’s ambiguous and could mean that the contest ends when the clock strikes 12 AM EDT on the night of the 13th, in which case the contest lasts all through the 13th and actually ends on the 14th with the last minute being 11:59 PM on the 13th, OR it only lasts through the 12th and ends when it becomes 12 AM EDT on the 13th, making the last minute 11:59 PM on the 12th.

EDT is UTC-4, if that helps keep track of it at all though!

@Vomher Kylaney posted on twitter yesterday that there were 4 days left. So I am guessing that means it is midnight on Monday that the contest closes. We should probably poke her and try to get confirmation though.

For the EDT conversion if you google “12am EDT to [insert your timezone]” it will give you the correct time.

It’s Monday at midnight. The 13th is the final day for entries. :blush:

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Also, if you would like to post your entries elsewhere, that is absolutely fine. if you would like to share your entries on Twitter or Facebook or anywhere else I’m okay with that. As long as your entry for the contest is emailed in so that I am aware of your entry.

What you do submit before Monday at midnight, must be the final entry. What you do email in for your entry before close at the end of Monday, is what will be taken into consideration. There will be no additional information accepted after Monday the 13th.

Awesome. Thanks! :heart:
(I started too late and I was afraid even with quick and simple thing I won’t have enough time :smiley: But 2 days should be fine :> )