Community Spirit Contest Winners!


The winners of the Community Spirit Contest !! Good luck to everyone who entered!!

Category 1) My Mentor, My Friend.

1st Place: Dirigent and Aldn, 2nd Place is Chizka and the nominee (Send me a message with your IGN)

[I met Dirigent, Aldn and Chizka through Sanctuary back in TSW, I struggled with going through the old content a second time and they pushed me to be better and have been really great friends over all. I wouldn’t be here without them.]

Category 2) Ride with me.
1st Place: Solon & Hestian
[In game name: “Hestian”, Nominating: “Solon”

Facing off against dark days across North America and Europe since 2014.]

2nd Place Djinn & Tucker

[The picture shows Tucker and I enjoying a wildish thempark together during Halloween, dressed up like the Deathless. We may have been trick or treating by killing Zombies.]

Honorable Mention for Category 2 is Sforzando.

[While this person might be better known for his Dragon main ‘Ketea’, it was with his Templar alt ‘Sforzando’ that I’ve had such a blast running dungeons and story content since he roped me into downloading SWL after I’d had a stressful day. For context, we’d been creatively writing together on Storium for about a year when ‘Sforzando’ brought up Secret World Legends; he’d been an original Secret World player, so he was familiar with the story and gameplay. As a result, he proved to be a clutch co-conspirator and mentor for doing silly things to lighten the mood, sharing in the amazing story moments, helping me when I would inevitably be scratching my head at an in-game puzzle, and having plenty of laughs.]

Category 3) Frozen in Time.

1St Place: Jingi, Nominated by BumbleBread

[It was hard to choose, but I chose Jingi, for all the help in and out of game she has given, and just being a wonderful person.

Choosing my fondest memory was difficult, but I realised that they all had one thing in common: The anniversary event. This made my choice obvious; I had to choose the whole anniversary as my fondest memory. This was the event where I properly joined the community, and I made so many wonderful friends (not all pictured here, but they know who they are, I hope) and they all have a special place in my heart. There were fun times, and sad times, but everything left a huge impact on me, and changed the way view the game. Seeing so many players unfurl their wings in honour of MadLyric is, and will likely remain, the single most awe inspiring, and touching moment I have experienced in a game. I got to interact with the GMs for the first time (represented here by Rooibos, and (v)Andy) and the shenanigans in Agartha, and the malarky on discord were endlessly entertaining. There was formation of the Rooibois (inspired by Rooibos’ t-shirt) which just happened randomly. But we now spend time helping new players in Kingsmouth, giving advice, helping with quests, and handing out purple cat ears (something I have wanted to do since I got my first pair!). It feels good to give back to the community that has given so much to me, and to do it wearing our purple outfits seems very fitting.]

Category 4) I got your Back!

1st Place: Concepts.

[“I got your back” My names Concepts, and I definitely got yo back!

I spend most of my time logged in to SWL in Kingsmouth… The reason for doing this are broken down into 2 parts.

  1. Helping people out
  2. Helping people understand the game isn’t pay to win as many get scared seeing the Mone yfor aurum system.
  3. Ever since I hit 50 and attained a high item power, I spend most of my spare MoF gearing up new players with BiS or near Best in Slot gear for their chosen classes, I give them pointers and hints about how to upgrade properly and efficiently and always let them know Im there to add as a friend if they ever need help with riddles, quest locations, etc. I feel this gets people involved more, and even if they go away from the game, they will have that experience of “When I logged in some awesome dude hooked me up with gear and help” word of mouth is the most powerful advertisement.
  4. Whilst Im in KM, I tend to see a LOT of trash talk about the game being pay to win etc… I kindly explain that while the game may seem that way, due to the monetary purchases, because there are no competitive leaderboards/pvp it’s merely pay for comfort/pay to progress faster… This has kept people playing, and also led to some people recruiting entire discords because I’ve proven to them that the game is far from pay to win.
    These are just 2 things I do to help the game and the guys at Funcom… Cause dw guys… “I got your back”]

Category 5) I came, I saw, I stayed.

Winner: Matt-Cat

[The time-stamp on my first character’s creation screencap says I’ve been in Secret World Legends since March 2018, but it feels like much longer with the depth of the game content and story writing. Each playthrough is a different experience, whether you’ve chosen a new character under a new faction, or are replaying missions with a main and connecting the dots.

Secret World Legends provides a unique twist to the MMO experience, it plays more like a single player (or co-op if you grabbed a friend) RPG as opposed to seeing mobs of players in-game. It didn’t quite hit me how large the player-base was for SWLs until the Anniversary Event, when I got to see a multitude of colourful player characters charging in to battle the Talos Golems and the Corrupted Gatekeeper.

As far as the community goes, in my experience I’ve encounter far less trolls and malicious players in-game than I would have expected. Instead, the SWL community is very receptive of questions and helpful to players new and returning alike. It’s this welcoming environment which has kept me happily play since creating my first character.]

Category 6) They are SWL

Winner: Governess, nomination anonymous.

[“They are SWL” I would like to nominate “Governess” for this category. They got me into Secret world legends about 6 months ago when I really needed a distraction. I was going though some really rough times and they gave me something to focus on rather than the negative happening in my life at the time.

They are extremely proud of this game and it’s community. They speak very highly of everyone involved in the development and the players. They helped me get started in the game and have been there when I had questions. They are a great asset to the swl community and I am glad that they got me involved as well. The anniversary event was amazing, it really showed what a wonderful community it was. Governess was very helpful and at times was answering questions I may have asked before but he was very nice about it and extremely patient. When there was the loss of MadLyric and the event that was held in honor of her, he spent hours DJing a show that I am sure was extremely difficult. I met him through the cape radio and listen when I can, as life sometimes gets in the way. He always speaks highly of this game and seems very involved in the community.

There is nobody else that I know of that would be a better candidate for this category. Governess IS swl!]

Category 7) The Story and More.

Winner: Micule-Lup

[She is the youngest in a long line of Romanian werewolves, however before she was fully a werewolf, Gaia chose another path for her, and made her a bee. She was contacted by the Dragons, and while she isn’t sure about the whole Chaos theory, they know more about this whole Agartha business than her family. She practices blood magic and is able to access some of her werewolf heritage of regeneration and is able to extend her fingernails (witch claws hands), but still needs human-manufactured claws to really fight.
As for roleplaying, I used to roleplay a lot in The Secret World, but I haven’t really found the community in Secret World Legends, but I definitely would love to!]

Category 8) My Picasso

1st Place DigitalWraith.

[“Dedicated to My Cabal”]

2nd Place: WolfgangV, Nominated by BumbleBread.

[WolfgangV, for convincing me to take part in the game, and being a constant companion throughout the game.

I wouldn’t be part of this community if WolfgangV hadn’t nagged me for months to start playing. Here we are in our (almost) matching jackets, from the first time I did a megaboss. It was a memorable day.]

The winners will receive either a Pet or full outfit from one of the caches that have been available so far. Prizes are random but are all of rare quality. Honourable mentions will receive epic or greater level prizes. Please email me “Kylaney” in game to set up a time to claim your prizes. You can also message me here on the forums for us to set up a time for you to claim your prize. Congrats to all the winners !!! Thank you for showing your community spirit! You are all what makes this game and it’s community a truly amazing thing! <3

– Kylaney


What a wonderful contest with wonderful winners!
Congratz to all the names above and thank you to Kylaney for organising a fantastic community spirit contest.
:cake: :heart: :cake:


Congrats to the winners, and thank you so much Kylaney for organising the contest! It’s wonderful to see/read about peoples experiences in the community :slight_smile: