Secret World Legends Romantic Cake Creation Contest Cake Winners


Rejoice, sweetlings! Your Romantic Cakes, created with such consideration, have been witnessed with care! Each and every entry lightened our electromagnetic hearts with love - the love built and baked into every cake in every dimension you crafted them in! We couldn’t be more awed by what we see. Even Mr. Rosenbaum would be proud.

All Romantic Cakes are worthy of our love, as are all sweetlings, so it is truly an honor for us to rigorously review all of your glorious works. Submissions were examined in earnest by the judging hivemind!

It is with buzzing delight that we present to you beloved bees the prizewinners of the Secret World Legends Romantic Cake Creation Contest!

True-to-Life Winnerstitle-border-bottom

Grand-Prize Winner

It’s only natural bees to swarm this delectable creation and lick the plate clean! This is how they dream Romantic Cake. What could be more real than that?


See the entirety of Lizzaya’s True-to-Life entry and all additional images HERE!

First-Place Winner

There is no denying the intense aura of extradimensional mystique inherent in this cake creation. It was even photographed on an ominously large rock eerily similar to A Fragment In Between… and even we never in all this Age would have expected anybody to make the whole table in all its life-sized glory!


See the entirety of Lera’s True-to-Life entry HERE!

Runner-Up Winner

We have deemed this an incredibly tantalizing creation! This cake looks and flows so very sweet to eat.


See the entirety of Ocholivis’ True-to-Life entry and all additional images HERE!

True-to-Game Winnerstitle-border-bottom

Grand-Prize Winner

Romantic Cake floats majestically into the void with its napkin off to the side as they’re followed by a table spinning aggressively in the back and a fork wobbling in belatedly at the bottom – all to a kazoo arrangement of “Also sprach Zarathustra”.


See the entirety of Panzerpferd’s True-to-Game entry HERE!

First-Place Winner

You got us, sweetling. We love what you did in every way, from the writing to the screenshot editing and everything in between.

You took forty cakes. That’s as many as ten fours. And that’s romantic.


See the entirety of Pinkhair’s True-to-Game entry and all additional images that accompany the story HERE!

Runner-Up Winner

Sir Romantic Cake was knighted over a story written with such charm - Drenneth was clearly having fun with their creation, and we had fun seeing it! This creation camped its way directly into our hearts.


See the entirety of Drenneth’s True-to-Game entry and all additional images that accompany the story HERE!

True-in-Heart Winnerstitle-border-bottom

Grand-Prize Winner

Astounding art and an adorable and aptly written recipe for a divine Romantic Cake drawn in such a way that we wish we could take a taste too! Anima Extract correctly warns its users not to use it on the uninitiated, as is right. It precipitates a messy discord.


See the entirety of Maru-Maru’s True-in-Heart entry HERE!

First-Place Winner

Any tiny knit creation is sure to be an intense and intricate process, and this cake is all the more precious for it. While the nermegal photographed alongside the knitted cake was not judged, we really appreciated seeing them. Please kiss and cuddle your cat for us!


See the entirety of DrummrGirl’s True-in-Heart entry and all additional images HERE!

Runner-Up Winner

This creation is full of love and joy and depicts such a warm and serene scene with so much heart!


See the entirety of Kyttan’s True-in-Heart entry HERE!

Honourable Mentionstitle-border-bottom

We loved all submissions to the Secret World Legends Romantic Cake Creation Contest. In alphabetical order are some creations that received the most votes after the Grand-Prize, First-Place, and Runner-Up Winners of their respective categories.

Honourably True-to-Lifetitle-border-bottom

A truly tasty and oh-so-fluffy sight - one so thoughtfully cut into ten slices for your fellow sweetlings! We can’t wait to try the recipe ourselves!


See the entirety of Hydrangea’s True-to-Life entry and an additional image HERE!

Honourably True-to-Gametitle-border-bottom

With honeyed words and a looming visage of Romantic Cake, we witness rephaim’s ode to Valentine’s Day! Taste and see.


See the entirety of rephaim’s True-to-Game entry HERE!

The friendly competition inherent in collecting 2500 Romantic Cakes leaves us in awe. We were hoping somebody would form a Romantic Cake out of Romantic Cakes, and rifla delivered spectacularly!



See the entirety of rifla’s True-to-Game entry HERE!

Honourably True-in-Hearttitle-border-bottom

The pastel pink of the Romantic Cake is a striking symbol of love! There is so much emotion in this sketch emphasized by the sole source of color that is cake. Surely even the Forest God’s deeply distraught heart would flutter!


See the entirety of Mel’s True-in-Heart entry HERE!

Even after hundreds of screenshots stitched with love, the Ur-Draug’s hunger for Romantic Cake remains.


See the entirety of Bumblebread’s True-in-Heart entry HERE!

Mouths of Montauk eternally gobble sweetlings and sweets alike with their undeniably adorable gaping maws as the Unutterable Lurker steals cake in this looping creation!


See the entirety of Wirerat’s True-in-Heart entry HERE!

Prize Distributionstitle-border-bottom

We will be getting in contact with those of you who have won physical prizes in order to best ensure all we need to have them sent to the rightful recipients.

Everyone who took their love, sweat, tears, and time to create for this contest will receive the Kawaii Revenant t-shirt on their designated character, regardless of who placed. A very cute bird awaits!

In-game prizes will be sent to all appropriate parties within the coming days - check your Delivered Items via the in-game main menu or /delivereditems command when the time comes in order to claim your honey-sweet treats!

From Our Very Honeyed Heartstitle-border-bottom

Thank you, sweetlings. Thank you all.

We truly are in awe of the submissions we received and we immensely appreciate your participation in the Secret World Legends Romantic Cake Creation Contest! Thank you everyone who participated and thank you everyone who collaborated, contributed, or conspired with us for cake!

Stay tuned for more opportunities to show us what you got! We’ll be looking forward to it.

We’ll be seeing you soon.

We dive past the event horizon to again say supermassive thanks to Funcom for collaborating on this contest!


Congrats, everyone! And a big hand to Vomher and the FC folks for such a cool event.


Congrats everyone! <3


Congratulations to all of the winners and a big thank-you to the organizers!


grats winners awesome creativity
nice comp vomher


Hooray! I need to make another cake to celebrate :wink:
Thank you so much, and congratulations to all the winners!

Again, a really big thank you for creating such a great event!
Felt like a win just being part and having so much fun with creating.
So amazed by the creativity in all the entries, so thank you all for the inspiration and for being such a great community! :heart:


Excellent job, all <3


The in-game prizes have been distributed to qualifying accounts! We loved your Romantic Cake creations so wholly that all prizes are unlimited claims stuffed full of our buzzing appreciation for you!


Participants have received the “Kawaii Revenant t-shirt” clothing item.

Runners-Up have received the “Kawaii Revenant t-shirt” clothing item and the “Heart Pajamas, purple” award item that grants the “Heart pajamas, purple” and “Hooded heart pajamas, purple” on use.

First-Place Winners have received the “Kawaii Revenant t-shirt” clothing item, the “Heart Pajamas, purple” award item that grants the “Heart pajamas, purple” and “Hooded heart pajamas, purple” on use, and the vibrant “Morph suit, pink” clothing item prior to its release!

Grand-Prize Winners have received the “Kawaii Revenant t-shirt” clothing item, the “Heart Pajamas, purple” award item that grants the “Heart pajamas, purple” and “Hooded heart pajamas, purple” on use, and the vibrant “Morph suit, pink” clothing item prior to its release! They will also be receiving physical prizes created by Kylaney. Physical prizes are in the process of being prepared and shipped out, so stay tuned!


Please be aware that at this time, the “Morph suit, pink” is only visible in the Dressing Room to those who own it, and that it will have an empty banner in lieu of a listed Source. These are not bugs in this case so much as they are consequences of the fact that the “Morph suit, pink” is not yet released!

Thank you, beloved sweetlings, for all that you do and all that you are! It was an honor to inspire each and every one of you to create something so sweet. We have tasted, and we see.


Congratulations to the winners on receiving the long awaited (no sarcasm) rewards at long last. Well deserved.

Interesting that there was no patch which would lead me to presume it was in the game all along. Interesting.
Now to make Funcome award HTR costumes to HTR anniversary winners that are also in the game (both costumes and participants)

Like a glove!


ooOOOOooooo! Must change name to Pinkbody.

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