Update 2.3.2 (Shenanigans)

PATCH NOTES - April 01, 2019


  • Jack Venture has found love, and will no longer sell his beloved.
  • Sally Army and Speedy Sally have reconciled their differences and are once again dating.
  • The Tank Commander Blade and Depleted Energy Cell are now obtainable. No we aren’t going to tell you how, and we definitely didn’t test it.
  • We didn’t change anything, but just wanted to point out that the Death of the Blajini is still unsolved.


  • KSR-43 now has a 3% chance to cause grenades to explode the instant they are loaded, dealing damage to the user and all allies within 5m. This damage scales with the target’s health and pierces defences. We believe this change will bring balance to this weapon.
  • Blade of Bloodied Silks now increases damage done by 131% for 15 seconds.
  • Focus of the Unwritten Talisman now grants the passive "Mass Evulsion". GET OVER HERE!
  • Orochi Thermal Inverter reworked. Now sets the user’s Thermotic equilibrium to 50.


  • The Illu- Orochi Corp has demanded backdoor access to all auction house delivery drones. Please disregard any drones that appear to be paying you more attention.
  • Introduced at least 4 new bugs. See if you can find them!


  • Release Dove - Updated source text
  • Bowow - Meow grwwl hiss purrr


  • Occult Defence - Repairs Not Needed and Structural Inspector will no longer incorrectly award in the amazing yet absurd case of the Hagstone not taking any damage for 3 waves


  • Known Issue: Lairs bosses award loot when defeated by a raid group


  • Nothing, just wanted to fluff out the patch notes


  • Shambala team size is now 5
  • Completing matches in Shambala at level 50 now has a chance to award distillate instead of anima shards and greens
  • Mr. Rosenbaum has opened an underground fight club.

April 09, 2019

PvP - Rosenbrawl

  • The Rosenbrawl now does its best to funnel players into the same instance.
  • All damage done reduced by approximately 20%.
  • Heavy Glove wielders now take 30% reduced damage at all times, up from 20%.
  • Heavy Glove’s Defend now blocks all damage taken, up from 75% damage reduction.
  • Heavy Glove’s Power Left and Power Right now snare the target at the start of the cast, then refresh it when the punch lands successfully.
  • Balanced Glove’s Defend now heals for 50% of the player’s health over the duration, up from 12.5%.
  • Balanced Glove’s Power Left and Power Right cooldown reduced to 4 sec, down from 6 sec.
  • Balanced Glove now has a combo system. Check it out in the ability tooltips.


  • Once More Into the Tower - Tweaks to tank fire to reduce the frequency of an unfair situation.

August 7, 2019


  • Beehive has now expired and can be used to gain Anima Shards.


  • Illuminati and Dragon players can equip the Warlock outfit.