Patch notes not added

Patch notes have not been updated to reflect what actually has been patched in the last update.
Some have said they were added to discord, but when you click “patch notes” on the launcher splash screen - this takes you to the forum’s “patch notes” page and has no info on what was done in the last update.

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Aside from a small patch shortly after April first, the only patch notes would of been the April first ones. They are posted in discord as a whole, not just a link. Also they are here on the forums. There was a minor patch on the 30th, but literally said ‘fixed an unintended mechanic’, so not much to actually note.

Any patches done should be noted on the forums as that is where the link on the splash screen takes you to. Even if it was “Fixed an unintended mechanic”. It may be nothing worth noting to some, but not everyone is a frequent visitor to discord to view such information. No matter how small.