Why are there more changes not in the patch notes than in the patch notes?!

Seriously, There at least 2-3 times more undocumented changes to the game than what’s listed.

Can we get a new set of patch notes that are remotely accurate, thorough and detailed.

here are some examples of what’s important to include. Again not a complete list but some examples.

  1. invisible wall in the northwest!
  2. any and all changes to any weapons and tools damage, effectiveness, durability. Achronion spear got nerfed more than what the patch notes on test live, pc, xbox and ps4 said that it would be. not happy about that nerf at all by the way.
  3. changes to silent legion attribute points.
  4. transmute/derketo changes.
  5. drop rate changes.




Probably because Funcom doesn’t realize they made the changes.

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Invisible wall is a bug and has been commented on that fact by Jen’s.

Funcom needs to hire a major extermination company. These bugs are spreading like lice.

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