A Concern About Patch Notes

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So I noticed some controversy on the forums regarding the new testlive patch and some “stealth nerfs”.

Ignasis posted there and said "

@DanQuixote made a good point in response, and I think I would also very much appreciate a response to his question. “Can we take this as standard practice from this point forward?”

I have felt for quite a long time that the patch notes really need some more TLC, and I think that it would be very good for extended, explicit patch notes (complete with value changes, etc) to be available for Conan Exiles. I’ve noticed that some patch notes are very detailed and others are not-so-much. I don’t know if the same person writes all the patch notes, but given that the CE team is small and a lot of bugs are detected by community feedback, such notes would be VERY helpful for modders and Test-Live Players to help FC identify bugs.

Is it feasible for us to “take this as standard practice from this point forward?” and for FC to make detailed patch notes a bit of a priority?

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Refer to the following posts by ThomasJ (a Producer for Funcom), as the topic has been discussed at length already.

So the simple answer to this is simply, yes. Test the game on testlive. If you find something that was changed that wasn’t in the patch notes, report it. Ignasis/Community Support will take it from there to determine if it was a missed change, was something that was waiting on Funcom QA to confirm on, or a bug.

Here are a couple of recent examples.


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