Undocumented Change: Weapons -> Weapon Schematics

Revision #264624/27310

Unless I have missed it, it was not mentioned in the patch notes:

Weapons now delve 100% into a recipe. It costs 50 eldarium per craft and the recipe is rng (still within same weapon class i.e spear into spear).

It is a nice change.


Wac posted all these last week, a pile of double posts

I do not recall seeing this specific piece of information from him.


We had a patch in between with a bunch of fixes and changes so in my book this is a new build to be tested. I also don’t recall seeing Wak’s post about it, I may have overlooked it.


Can you link the video where Wak talks about weapons Delving 100% of the time?

I doubt it - I’m fairly certain Wak hasn’t said anything about delving - he posted a number of bug reports about changes to weapon stats - but that is a different issue.

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You’re right I did not post anything about delved armors or weapons. These are new to me.


Hey @Narelle

Thanks for the heads-up. The status of this and other similar reports you’ve sent is the same as this answer:

It’s the same change, but was pending full confirmation by QA. We’ve sent the request to confirm the final status, and will retroactively update the changelog once granted.

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