Delving bench not working on private server

Anyone else have this issue? I put in a hardened steel mace, 40 eldarium, and nothing happens.

It’s been consuming 50 eldarium for me

Seems to be 40 on the Siptah Server I’ve been on recently. Either I am amazingly lucky or did I miss a change making it 100% likely to get a scroll with a recipe coz I’ve never failed yet …?

  1. they changed the cost to 50 eldarium bar, 2) delving now gives you a recipe 100% of the time.

That was it. Thanks

Appreciated! Thought something was different to the Vids I had seen. Was that changed announced? (Can you link if so) or was it another “Undocumented Change” which have been falling like rain according to some usually respectable sources…

As much as you would like it to be an ‘undocumented change’, it was in the patch notes.

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You mistake me friend. I said I hadn’t seen it and invited a link like the one you kindly provided. I wasn’t “Relishing” the thought i had “Caught” them out.

I don’t much care about that. I do think ALL changes should be documented however and better men than I have caught them slipping things our with sub documentation so its not like its never happened.

The main thing is to FIX things but, undocumented changes are hurtful coz they can’t get credit for a good change and only garner odium for apparently “ignoring” folks.

I am very glad for the link so I can see what else I had missed. My appreciation to you.

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