Delving Bench not working

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Delving Bench is not working.

Craft delving bench. Put Eldaium bar and a serpent man war spear in, nothing happens. Have tried this with other serpent man weapons, nothing. Tried throwing some other misc items in, nothing.

So I went to my private server, no mods, default settings, learned the recipe, crafted the bench, and put the Eldarium bar and serpent man weapons on, ta-daa! Bench works.

Also the example recipe as displayed in the UI of this bench is not descriptive.
If you try a heavy helmet or an iron sword nothing happens.

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It appears to be random. It’s either some kind of RNG or it is really broken.

How many eldarium bars did you put?
What was the weapon durability in your both cases?
Did you use the same weapon?

Hey there,

We’ve sent this feedback to our team so they can look into it.
Thanks for the input.


Thank you! This is a big deal - have found out that hardened steel weapons in the bench on official server is givng the recipes. I don’t think you guys intended this. Probably needs a fix fast before people grind that out too much… @Ignasis

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You need 20 bars per delve. If you put in less it doesn’t work

doesn’t change the bug, but thanks.

what do I need to put in this bench? Eldarium and? I tried some weapons and tools but nothing happend.

I’m also having this issue on official PVE-C. Placed bench, stuck in 20 to 40 eld bars, popped in all sorts of variations from serpent man, hardened steel, etc and nothing would trigger it to start doing anything.

All of you who have the issue, can you please confirm whether you are using gear with full durability or partially damaged. Afaik, the bench won’t work with damaged items, only with items with 100% durability.


  1. Serpent-man War-Axe with 20% durability + 20 eldarium bars = no joy
  2. Serpetnt-man War-Axe with 100% durability + 20 eldarium bars = a recipe (not 100%) + a broken axe (100%)