Next patch - Fix Black Knight recipe on Siptah

Not being able to get Black Knight from delving regular Silent Legion seems broken to me and many other. Also if the only way of actually getting it is to farm The Judge then it really needs to drop more often. Me and my 4 clan mates have been farming him 5-10 times daily since the release of Siptah and no plans. Bad luck? Yes of course, but drop rates are also trash.

It is fixed. 100% for Black Knight from any Silent Legion.

EDIT: I meant it costs 50 eldarium per craft not 50%.

Is this live as of now? Also, Silent Legion drops from 1000 ???-Leyshrines right?

Not live yet (next patch) and yes T4 surge Treasure Seekers (West).

It’s not live yet

Black Knight can also be delved from Godbreaker gear that drops in the Aqualonian surge. That is how I got mine.

Luck of the draw or confirmed drop from there? :slight_smile:

You’ve had god breaker drop on official? I run northeast t4 all the time and I have never had a single piece drop. Lots of aquillonian gear though.

I got Black Knight from Silent Legion on live. It’s been working for that since the last major patch on live - the one that fixed completely broken delving. It was still the same old 20-30% chance for a recipe or whatever it is, but I got it with 2 delves. Run West surges, get SL armor, smash for the recipe. If you’re paranoid about whether this is accurate, just go on single-player admin, give yourself some, and delve it to test.

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