Current info about Surges/Judge?

I’ve been trying to find current information on this topic but everything I find is like 7 months old. I’m trying to get the Black Knight recipe through delving (I know the Judge has an insanely low chance to drop it) but I can’t seem to find which enemies drop Godbreaker/Redeemed/Arena Champion.

The North-east surge basically has every enemy wearing godbreaker but they either don’t drop it or it’s extremely rare, The treasure hunter seeker surge (I think west? I don’t remember off hand) has a bunch of enemies wearing Silent Legion heavy armor but its the base set instead of redeemed which for some reason delves into Chieftain armor. Took several surges to even get a piece from them. I assume it’s also a drop from combining Schematic Fragments but considering those can be anything I would guess its even more rare than the judge dropping it. You can also dig up the non-epic version of BK but again: doesn’t delve into it.

Should I just give up trying to get this recipe or is there an easier way I’m missing? It really shouldn’t be this hard to get… if we’re being honest it’s not even that good it just looks cool.

Yes I agree. I was wondering why you wanted it so badly.
I think i got it by digging in the ruined altar NW of the map

You don’t need any of that. The regular silent legion now delves into Black Knight Recipe. You can either craft a piece after getting the light/medium recipes in the tower or do the silent legion statues at the pools to get a piece.

I’ve tried that, it delves into Cimmerian Cheiftan or is it a random chance?

I’ve delved silent legion light, medium, and the non redeemed heavy that drops from Treasure Seekers.

Actually, I can’t seem to delve the light/medium but the standard heavy does give the recipe:


I got the standard heavy pieces from a T4 surge (Treasure Seekers - West). The chance with normal silent legion heavy is 100%.

Interesting does it specifically have to be the helmet then? I’ve only gotten the heavy chest piece and it gave me the chieftain armor. This was less than a week ago. Ill try farming up some more stuff or give it another try in single player.

I tried all 5 pieces of the normal silent legion (heavy) and they all gave me a black knight recipe. Are you running any mods. If so, maybe they are the reason you are not getting the recipe.

The last time i tried was in single player about a week ago and I don’t have any mods. Honestly I gave up and just spawned in the recipe after a hundred judge kills or so but I do remember seeing online to do a Treasure Hunter surge to get silent legion heavy and to delve that. When I did it gave me Cimmerain Cheiftan and when I looked at the conan wiki it said it must specifically be the redeemed version, arena champion, or godbreakers.

It doesn’t really seem that much easier though, it took me several treasure hunter surges to even get 1 piece of silent legion but I guess I could try the SL statues (if I can ever find one online lol). Anything is better than killing the judge 300+ times.

Is your SP updated to the latest version. I am testing using the following version:


Of course everything is up to date, steam wouldn’t even let me play Conan if it wasn’t haha. I’ll give it another shot with the online server I’m playing on. Shame I just wasted a surge last night trying to get godbreaker. I have no explanation as to why it gave me the chieftain recipe.

Basically Treasure hunters or SL statues only way for heavy legion?

I can’t answer that. I know I got a bunch of silent legion from the statues but I don’t remember if I got any heavy specifically since I didn’t really need it for anything I dismantled it right away. Maybe there is silent legion in the graves too but I can’t give you a specific location to check. I got my recipe from the pieces I got from a surge and since the chance is 100% you only need a single piece :woman_shrugging:

If no mods were used, then maybe try verifying the integrity of the files.

I’ll do that if it doesn’t work again. Hopefully it doesn’t take me several surges to get one piece again lol

Just tried again, singleplayer, no mods.

And 1 peace give you the full recipe.

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The Legion piece needs to be fully repaired. Didn’t work for me until I did that. Legendary repair kits ftw

It finally worked for me after I repaired the game files, treasure seekers drop the pieces fully repaired.

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