Does anyone have the Recipe for the Heavy Silent Legion Set?

Hi, i tried to find any Way to get the Recipe, but no Luck so far i guess. I got the light and medium Version only…

Does the heavy Version only drop from NPC’s?

If anyone obtained it, how?

I already spent Loads and Loads of Fragments in the Archive…

You can get armor from the surge and then delve it for the Black knight recipe. Best I can tell there is no way to craft Silent Legion Heavy it on Siptah

The only way to obtain it right now is to wait for server transfer. But someone here told that it was possible to obtain redeemed silent recipe from The Judge drop. I cant confirm that, i was farming him for weeks, got many delving recipes, but not redeemed silent.

I can confirm the judge does RARELY drop the recipe. It’s EXTREMELY RARE though, lol. But I have seen it drop in person playing with friends online. You can test it yourself in admin mode. Spawn a bunch of them in, insta kill them and eventually you’ll see the recipes on the bodies loot table.

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OH yes that is right… I forgot. Sigh yeah back to farming the judge. Although once you get the Black night armor I am not sure there is much use for silent legion.

Some parts of Redeemed one could be very useful though

I managed to get light and medium sets from the fragments of power. You have to do the tower gambling system
And lots of other set recipes dragon bone etc. But you will get alot of duplicates.

That’s light and medium.
Seems by surge you can get the heart, and the recipe should spawn, with lot luck, see above the other comments.

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