Surge for silent legion armor parts and recipe?

Hello everyone

Which surge should I summon so I can farm silent legion armor parts and the recipe?

And how many Stucks of shinning??? Or greater??? I’ll need for the summon ?

You will want the West Altar Surge (Relic Hunters). 1000 swirling chaos is the max level which is 20 Greaters or 10 Shining.

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U can get also parts of the silent legion armour and kingscourge weapons in the pools with the giant king stattuette

I don’t know about the Giant King figurine but definitely with the Silent Legion figurine. :wink:

I guess you meant the weapons come from the Giant King figurine.

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The heavy silent legion also drops randomly from giant kings. If i remember correctly the sulent legion stattuete spawns the 3 silent legio generals and they only drop medium and light pieces, but i could be wrong also …

EDIT: not from giant kings… i remembered wrong silent legion pieces drop from silent legions figurines…

At siptah I am also looking for the recipe of the heavy legion set. Is there a possibility to get it ?

Getting that recipe on Siptah is pure RNG. Collecting 5 schematic fragments gives you one random recipe, but the loot table those fragments pull from is every recipe in the game (AFIIK). I thought you were just asking where to get the heavy silent legion armor so you could delve it for Black Knight recipe. Good luck and happy hunting.

Is there a “code” he must type on admin panel to get the recipe of silent legion? So far I searched the best I could and I didn’t find a recipe that will teach you silent legion armors and weapons except the knowledge stones in the black keep! Same goes with the vault recipes, yet the problem of @Kazalakis is the recipe of silent legion on Siptah! Thank you for any reply :slightly_smiling_face:

True @stelagel, I just assumed there was a scroll, but there might not even be a scroll that can drop.

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There is a video on YouTube that shows how to get the recipe for Silent Legion heavy set and chimerian chieftain. No meter how many times I did the surge or summon the silent legion warriors at the pools and delved the armor pieces, all I received is the black Knight set recipe. :cry:

You cannot get the Silent Legion recipe by delving.

Is there a way to acquire it in siptah since the game doesn’t letting me to copy my character from exile lands to siptah ?

yes. seek stattuetes of the silent legion and kill the 3 bosses at grey pools
they randomly droping silent legion pieces

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