Black Knight recipe

Is there going to be a fix to this? Silent Legion shouldn’t break down into chieftain.

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All i know is I’ve done every single purge on every level and nothing for recipes. The armor that drops should delv from the treasure seekers but it doesn’t. Also why wouldn’t the new black knight in isle of siptah the “Judge” drop the recipe or something related. I’ve killed him countless times nothing of the sort. Items that don’t exist for official servers as i have found are:

Silent Legion Recipe
Redeemed Legion Recipe
Black Knight Armor Recipe
Rust Armor Set Recipe
Champion Armor Set Recipe
God Set Armor Recipe

So far Funcom again proves me right on how much they do not give a flying F*** about their customers and its always been a cash grab. Not only that but the enormous amounts of bugs plaguing isle of siptah. Things like dungeons being bugged with no chest loot, 1000 surge charges being bugged and not dropping right items, thrall pathing, water still drains at a rate that makes zero sense, the underwater dungeons giving epilepsy to people with how damn bright it is for NO REASON. i mean its like come on… you guys have had so much time to get your sh*t together and it becomes so obvious they could careless.

I promise you this… Funcom will undoubtedly make new skin DLC’s well before they patch and fix any of those issues. Been this way for years and years


Isle of Siptah is in early access. Please post all these as bug reports.

thats a trash excuse and you know it. The base game was exactly the same. and STILL is full of problems. sounds like you got 5 hours in this game so you dont know how bad the devs are. i have 7k and i know every bug this games came with and still has and how long. its a mess and its a shame, and as i said its a cash grab.

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The judge does drop it, we got it AT official server 6157 by looking the judge, . It is a rare drop yes, but it happens

“Early acess” with a game that had a beta but took all the money and are barely implementing hotfixes. Good luck! :smiley:

Can you confirm this? ive killed the judge over 50 times really doubt he drops a recipe

I’ve killed a Judge over 100 times… but he didn’t drop recipe :с

4r shure… The judge does drop it all! All you need is “The judge”
need a Thrall ? - The judge
need a Armor Recipe - The judge
need anything - The judge

± 10h farming THE JUDGE = 1 executioner’s hood

I’ve killed the Judge maybe like 10 times? Got a recipe two out of those 10. Not Silent Legion though.

We got it from him, people are free to visit official 6157 , it’s a extremely rare drop but entirely possible

This clown again lmao

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The Judge has a 5% chance to drop an Eldarium armor recipie, all 18 recipies are in his loottable.
So you have a 5% chance to get a 1/18 loot drop.

Go figure.

Yes he drops, but also yes, it is super rare and unlikely to get that exact recipie from him. I think you are better off farming Maelstrom for Army of Aquilonia surges and try to delve it, time investment wise.

Greetings. I can confirm you too that I got Black Knight Armor Recipe off ‘The Judge’. My reaction, shock. But yes, it is true. If you need a picture or a screenshoot, I can help you with that too.

Is there even a post or anything around that displays “The Judge” loot table?

At this moment there isn’t. I even tried to search for ‘The Judge’ on official Conan Exiles Wiki, no luck. Information I know about headless 3-Skull Boss are that he’s connected to several Loot tables, where one of them is one that gives out Delving Bench Armors. That particular Loot table gives a 5% of chance getting Armor Schematics on ‘The Judge’. The map is fairly new, so we should wait a bit longer for them to update to whole Isle of Siptah part on official Conan Exile Wiki.

So far here’s what I know it drops:
All 16 armor recipes, Bloodstone sword, Executioners axe/sword/hood, mace of thag, scythe of thag, coup de grace, and knock. Havent seen anything else

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