This is how patchnotes are supposed to look!

For example the Dota 2 update that appeared today:


Difference - Funcom releases broken patches :wink:

Anyway, it looks interesting

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Yes, true.

But it saddens me to see the lack of information in their patch notes. Also stealth changes…

“We didn’t tocuh the heavy spear animations! We only changed the light spear animations!” -> Me playing after new patch: Spear heavy attack is 50% slower.

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Dota 2 is not entirely perfect on its patch notes, but its doing a very good job so far. We had instances of “now every talent is 20% weaker” without much explanation before on patches (now i summon 1 less treant? My skill has 20% less range? I get 20% less mana?), but this one specifically is really good.

Hell yeah, this is what I would expect from patch notes! Top notch.

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