Patch notes anywhere?

Am I just being blind or does Funcom not care about patch notes? I cant see them anywhere. Not on these forums nor steam ones.

Servers went down without warning (I was in middle of a damn fight), and there was an update. Sometime after I got back in, there was a 10 minute warning (the first Ive seen so far) for a restart.

Its like the devs only do this stuff if they happen to remember…

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here you go

you are to fast for me :wink:

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Well, hopefully there’s a patch for the patch, since they broke servers with a corrupted message.

Oh patch notes have their own sub forum? Thats why I couldnt find them. Thanks.

The UI of these forums is not great.


Patch notes were also posted on Steam yesterday at around the time the update itself was released, or at least shortly afterwards. Not sure about other platforms.

on steam it certainly took them multiple hours after the servers went down to appear…

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