Can we get system update notes on patches?

I find it annoying every game,but funcom lists every bug/glitch fixes. We just get on ps4 Conan Exiles update. No new intel on what been fix on the update history. Please funcom tell us what you fix/nerf/buff. So we can test it.

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These patch notes?

How nice forced to go to the forums. Ark,minecraft and every other Open world survival sandbox shows it on forums and update history. You know like a good gaming company. This way we know what is fix/nerf/buff and what is still broken.

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Oh, it’s Bryan Skull again…

Yeah I do suppose it’s more difficult for you to load up a web browser (even on PS4) than for their already busy staff to do up a completely separate write up for an in game/in dashboard update notes… And I’ve certainly never had to go looking online for the specifics behind different games… or worse yet… the actual console updates before… nooo neeeever… lol.


That limited data. He hardly explains anything. Go look for yourself on the patch note. It needs work.

I just downloaded PS4 Version 1.31 but when I look in the “update history” to see what´s new, the only thing I see is “Version 1.01 Bug fixes.” and “Version 1.12 Minor Bug Fixes - Various minor bug fixes”.
Seems like they did it in the beginning but stopped it some day.

And I agree, it would be nice to have at least some intern to take the official statement of the company for the update (like texted above) and just put it in the update history of the console so we can emidiately see if there´s something of importance for us to check out.

Also it gets a bit typical for the developers to show that kind of inconsequence. Like 1. the the Notes they implemented in the game, that you can craft in various versions (one note you can leave on the floor, 2 for a wall and the leatherbound journal) which you can´t use because they forgot to add the function of writing something in it.
2nd example are the crocodiles that can´t swim, the spiders that can´t climb and the bats that can´t fly. You´re basically safe from anything melee if you get on another platform level or in the water (which has also no penalties if you run out of stamina). #3 that´s worth mentioning is visible on the companies website. If you go to and look for updates you see the latest one is said to be number 33 from 18. APRIL 2018, But as we know, the Jhebal Sag update was 34 already.
And of course, my favourite, the keystone. It requires you to get to endgame and proceed through various dungeons to get all kinds of ingredients to combine to one item that does nothing but delete your character (there is no new game + bonus or any kind of benefit to it). You can have the same effect by clicking the options button go down once and press x two times, which you can do at any point in the game without beating any dungeon.

So of course it´s work to update the update history for the platform. But not exactly “extra”-work. It´s just one part of releasing the official update notes that you have to do it for every minor part that´s known to players (especially if they´ve done it before in v1.01 & v1.12). And it just looks unprofessional when they suddenly stop.

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