PVP in patch notes :O


  • Shambala team size is now 5
  • Completing matches in Shambala at level 50 now has a chance to award distillate instead of anima shards and greens
  • Mr. Rosenbaum has opened an underground fight club.

OMG WAT. Shambala Saturdays again? :smiley: What’s this about Fight Club?

Ask around if anyone wants to give you an invite. There is an item to recruit people for this fight club instance. Basically a boxing match with 3 sets of variations.

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Yeah no one seems to be doing that right now sadly. I would invite people if I could

I’ve already given away my invitation I’m afraid. The mission to do so dissapeared after that. Not sure if you get to invite more people at some point. Tho I’ve been told the message also randomly happens for some people in Agartha.

Thank you friends! I haven’t been on in a while, but would love to do some community things again :3

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Damn. Doesn’t look like the image of the proxy you posted exists for those of us without the invite

Wait what proxy?
Edit: Oh right! It is actually another instance. Basically a ruined version of London with an odd sky. You gotta buy the key in Tabula Rasa, after getting the invite, and then enter the floating box thing you also use to get to the rooms.

Ahhh. Oj that makes sense

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Looking forward to checking all this out when I get home from work today. Maybe the time has come again to charge up the shambala engines.


reads the patchnotes
Seriously, i can barely hide my excitement … .
goes back to his grave
… Sorry … .

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FWIW Shambala is actually popping now, though mostly during EU primetime, and often not with the full 5v5. Still! Some murder is better than no murder at all.

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Yes sadly I’m NA so missing a lot of the action but I’ll start my week off soon so I’ll be online at EU time to help pump those numbers up


let’s kill each other! :smiley: