Chronicle (Beta)

Sorry for the long wait! Chronicle is now up to data with all data from the most recent Shambala Event.

This now provides a base for future Shambala matches. Going forward I hope for this to be a community driven document in that I will largely be looking for players to help with collection of data.

How can I help?

I’m glad you asked! If you want people to notice your sick DEEPS or if you somehow manage to heal more then Dr-Levsky in a match then by all means let me know via the following steps.
1.) Screenshot the final scoreboard results.
2.) Upload to an image hosting site like imgur
3.) Comment on the google document with the link and I will update the board accordingly.

I will accept other methods of receiving screenshot (ie. Discord and in game PM)

This is NOT limited to matches that occur during the event! That’s right. If by some miracle Shambala pops out of the usual event times I will happily take those results.

Please feel free to add suggestions for future expansion of the leader board and Ill see if its something manageable. Something like highest CC points for example might be an interesting addition. I will attempt to link screenshots to the top 10 in each category going forward simply for verification purposes.

Thanks for everyone’s support and I look forward to seeing you all at the next Shambala Event.


Pretty cool you’re doing this Drenneth!

Do the colors signify faction? (red and blue)

Yes I should have clarified that. Its nice to see how well represented each faction is.

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Ok, I like how it’s Chronicle Beta.

That’s funny.


Ah at least someone caught onto that little joke :slight_smile:

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That top spot in dps…someone killed the whole enemy team 2 times over O_O
Aim for next time…get 5-10 up.

Yes I know for a fact that that match in particular Dr-Levsky did over 2M heals so was probably a lucky scenario where he managed to survive till the end or close to the sudden death timer.

Heh, I sent you a PM, Drenneth, with my “sick” DPS. Definitely not Jay6 worthy, mind you, but pretty good for poorly glyphed e4 gear.