[UPDATED] IMPORTANT: PvE XP from PvP Kills Coming Soon!

Important notice for all you PvP Twinks out there!

There will be an update on the morning of May 16th (EDT) that will coincide with the Saga Server merge to Crom. There’ll be a few notable things in this patch, but one in particular is something you’ll need to know about now:

Players will now gain some PvE xp from defeating their enemies in PvP!

In addition to this change, players level 19 and above will be able to disable gaining PvE xp. Option will be available in Menu > Misc.

For those of you who own characters that this could significantly affect, please take note of the above as you go into patch day on May 16th.

Update: Due to player feedback, PvE XP from PvP kills will take effect one week after the patch goes live.

Thanks all! Full patch announcement & notes coming soon. For a primer on what to expect with the Saga Server merge, please read the FAQ.