Ridiculus PvE XP reward for PvP players

This new “feature” by FunCom is the worst idea they have had lately.
With this “feature” even more PvP-hate will be spilt :face_vomiting: in the Global and NPH on Crom.
These channels will become completly unreadable for regular pve-players.

Since it is not mentioned in the original anouncement I would stongly advise implementing ths 'feature" on Fury-server only.
Since the PvP-community is complaining this server is empty and many have gone to Crom, this would be a possibility of bringing them back home on their dedicated PvP-server

I generally dislike PvP, however, I really liked low level PvP on the saga server (no insane PvP gear or AAs, just a few combo attacks or spells, green / blue geared people). With this change there will probably more low level minis be running all the time (not only when a server starts) and I would actually consider doing more PvP like that.

The PvP sh*t-talk in the chats will never stop, those are the few very old players that spam the same crap every day since years and many other PvPers remain completely silent. There wont be much of a change in the chat on Crom, but as I said, I think it may “revive” low level PvP again and maybe even bring some people back to Fury to level up a character there with open world PvP (but I am not really sure about that).

And also: There is always the option to ignore these PvP sh*t-talkers, right click, ignore and the chat is silent again.

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This will change absolutely nothing in Crom/Fury server. This is clearly preparation for PvP Saga Server. I just hope it will not be released for another couple of months. Otherwise, it will basically kill Crom server.


So i just read about it. Honestly OP I don’t see why this upsets you. So people can gain some pve exp for doing pvp, what’s the big deal?


Can’t see what it should change negativly, either.

If I understand the announcement correctly it means that we all can turn off gaining any PvE EXP on any character Lvl 19-79, and that sounds awesome. If you want to hold a toon only for pvp minis on the X9s Lvl you can do that, and if you want to stop PVE progression for PVE purposes you can do that, too (doing all quests in an area, purist toon etc.).


This is exactly what this means, but we wanted to make sure this was communicated early on. This is so people who do have those X9 PvP characters don’t end up accidentally rolling over into the next level bracket, as we won’t be able to reverse that.


You might want to make sure this is stated in game as well. Not everyone reads these forums.

It’s on both the launcher when you start the game as well as on the login screen before you enter your username and password. Best I can do right now. :slight_smile:

Seems to me you just hate pvpers because they took your candy one too many times. you complain about pvp hate but what does that even mean? No one told you you have to use global chat. In fact I’m pretty sure all the LFM LFG spam should be deposited to the /LFG channel. You guys can spam PVE requests all the live long day in there and never see a peep from global chat pvp hate or whatever. The truth of the matter is you love the drama and that’s why you keep global open.


People have been asking for this for many years. I see it as a good thing.

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Because I play on a PvE server … so any PvE requests in Global\NPH\LFG are made in the rcorrect channel for that server.
And I don’t mind the call to arms for minigames or sieges (should such are rare thing happen).
What I am annoyed with is the name calling and cussing AFTER someone loses some PvP-thing

So I dont want more PvP hate speak polluting Global or any other channel on our last remaining PvE-server.
And this will allow PvE-levelling by doing PvP … thus it is an unbalancing of the levelling system.
There is no PvP XP for doing PvE is there?

Because the developpers\programmers have listened to the PvP too often this game is in it current state
where people (PvE and PvP) are complaining about unbalanced classes (PvP) and less usefull classes for dungeons and raids (PvE)

What the hell is going on here? How on earth does this change anything on a non-pvp server?..

This will be the next step in the death of Fury and a merger is not needed because all PvP-ers can start a character on Crom and gain bonus xp without doing the “work” for it. Thus Crom will be stuck with even more players that might know their class, but have no idea of team-coöperation (if i can believe the hate spread on Global after each mini) since they appear to be selfish A**hole’s.

Does this include AA xp?

Just so folks know, we’re going to be turning this feature on one week after the patch goes live. This will give players time to prepare and understand the change without accidentally leveling up, since we cannot reverse that.

Can you clarify the point raised by Zaldar?

Once enabled, a player kill will give you XP, PvP XP, and XP toward Prowess Advancement. Hope that makes sense.

So only regular xp … not Mastery Advancement?

That is my understanding, yes.

This sort of seems out of the blue, I haven’t seen any threads recently requesting something like this. There are, on the other hand, a plethora of threads requesting a change to raid finder and 6 mans to reduce player fatigue from 90% of the content being spamming chaos/rf. Add atlantean shards to 6 mans, legendary gems to hard modes other than Chaos. Please, ppl are tired of running nothing but chaos and spamming raid finder.There is so much good content in this game it’s a shame there’s no incentive to experience it.