Ridiculus PvE XP reward for PvP players


This sort of seems out of the blue, I haven’t seen any threads recently requesting something like this. There are, on the other hand, a plethora of threads requesting a change to raid finder and 6 mans to reduce player fatigue from 90% of the content being spamming chaos/rf. Add atlantean shards to 6 mans, legendary gems to hard modes other than Chaos. Please, ppl are tired of running nothing but chaos and spamming raid finder.There is so much good content in this game it’s a shame there’s no incentive to experience it.


We have asked for many years to be able to stop pve xp gain on our characters so we could keep them within purity dungeon levels…


The xp gain, as I’ve read it, can only be disabled for pvp kills. Which would mean you still cannot continue to play your char in the world outside of mini’s/pvp if you want to stay within purist range.


And yet lowbie minis are dead


The option should actually completely disable PvE XP gains entirely, not just PvE XP gains from PvP kills.


Pve xp for pvp kills, sounds strange to me. its two different kinds of in-game activity. Isnt it why we have pve AND pvp xp?
Im sure remember that ppl asked for option to swich off pve xp gain for purist inst. and its good that now we get this option.
What is the point to add pve xp to pvp kill? why pve players will not get pvp xp for pve kills?
I think will be fair for pve players, that if you add pve xp for pvp kills, than you should add pvp xp gain for killing bosses in solo instances like Forgotten city, Refuge, Iron statues…


I see it more as one additional and optional option to level up. PvP content and power is tied to PvE levels, but there is no PvE content that is tied to PvP progression or levels. So the only way to really progress in PvP is to do PvE, too. But you can perfectly fine progress to end content in PvE without ever touching PvP.
This change gives PvP players the option to solely (well, almost) progress in PvP with the needed PvE EXP via PvP. And the best part: It is totally optional. You can switch of PvEforPvPEXP in minis and festivals.
If you are PvE questing on Fury with PvE EXP on, and you get in a PvP situation, then you might get PvE EXP via PvP without wanting that. But in that situation you want to gather PvE EXP anyway, so I can not see why anyone would be mad to get even more EXP via PvP.

Damn, I almost certainly mixed up PvE and PvP somewhere in here, but I think you get the point.

(PS: And if you are really nitpicky there allready is an option to progress in PvP via PvE, so this just kinds of levels the ground :wink: )


This is a great idea people have been asking for for years. Hopefully it will get low level minis and open world pvp going again. Maybe low level minis will encourage more players to dip their toe into pvp since at lower levels the playing field is more even.

As for OP how you could possibly imagine this affects you or global in anyway is beyond me.


I thought the game already did this, apparently not. :slight_smile: I welcome the change, it might kickstart lower level mini games.


not sure what you talking about

only pvp xp I got for some years is one that you get for killing charmed player in some pve instances like Scorpion cave, raids etc so my pve chars are on about 10-15% on the way to pvp lvl1.
with this change you can get out of Tortage then doing only pvp, lvl up to 80. or Im missing something? Im not against pvp, if someone like it, I`m happy till it not turn to trash/spam in chat. if swiching off pve xp gain will lead to some low lvl pvp activity, maybe will try it too. But pve xp gain for pvp kills, this is out of square.

let`s talk about other thing) how much?) for big one (lvl80), pvp lvl matters? mobs at Paikang are around 1k pve xp, so how much for the living one?


He is talking about Bori. Go smash rocks to gain PvP xp.


I disagree. What I hear you saying is it is ok to level up a PVP players PVE levels while PVP’ing, but not ok to level up PVP while doing PVE. As a player that refuses to PVP, (personal preference) I would still like to max my achievements, but I have no real way to do it short of massive PVP, which, as I have alluded to, I abhor.
So I disagree that it is ok for PVP players to level PVE with PVP kills but not PVP from PVE kills. PVP players would never have to do PVE again to get to 80, yet to even reach level 1 PVP I must PVP. Where is the parity in that?


From a fairness point of view I agree with you, from a gamestyle point of view I think it is healthier for the game if you do not force people to play a cetrain content if they don’t like it. And i do not think it takes anything away from you, if other people get the chance to progress like that, but you do not.

And there is actually kind of a way to progress in PvP doing PvE content…well, not exactly, but you do not REALLY have to PvP if you do not want to - as @Piankhi sais, I am talking about Bori. That is farming ressource nodes, putting rare materials on an altar, and getting PvP EXP for that. The idea behind that is that ypu should fight over those nodes and altars and interrupt people who are gathering - but if you are alone on the zone, or only friendly people enter, then you can hit rocks in peace, leveling your PvP levels without every drawing a weapon.