This is why i lika Saga

Well, why dont put Saga as permanent server.
I have never seen my loved Crom be so calm, its no hating on ppl, no bad language since the pvp folks left to thist one… let the pvp folk stay on their side and so crom can have the calm and relaxed chat as before…

No one wanted the fury ppl with us anyway


Yes, let’s further split up the already dwindling community.

And you think every pvp’r is like that 21cm guy who owns everyone and their mums? There’s just few rotten apples that screw things up (give us vote to ban from global).
Or people could start to use lfg channel for teaming up, so global chat would be reserved for attention seeking.


do you mean using the “ignore” function you already have ?

Ignoring makes global even worse. You will still see people ”talking to ghosts”. Ignore would make more sense if it would ignore whole account instead of that character.

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well, you can only make 1 toon per account on saga, so…

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Topic was about how calm global is on crom atm and how to keep it that way… ofc it is like shouting against the wind, in few weeks it’s back to rectal probing and mama jokes.

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100% agree but its just a dream
if after merge they see new fury is more populated who knows? after all they are pvpers wth is their business on pve server? why on crom playing crappy minis when they have an entire open world?

Just wait for tomorrow when WB starts. That’s when the PvE trashtalk starts. I have read equally disturbing things in global during WB week as when you read PvP QQ.

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And often RF are not less disturbing! Expecially when they spam RF JOIN RF JOIN RF JOIN for one event that not need spam, organizzation or other!

Hah, since when was rf or wb rated as PVE? Player vs Boredom or something would be better.
Besides, wasn’t it pvpr’s defending rf in some other thread as it’s only way for them to get t4 gear?


yes, was so! I consider it one contradiction but yes, this has been said!

It wont work, saga generates “server jumpers”, the “server jumpers” are players from both Crom and Fury, and as long they will join saga both server will lose players. What i think, is players who are trying to bring back what Fury used to be, not gonna happen.

Crom is dead in the water right now because of saga. Pretty sad that you prefer that. It’s ironic really. Saga pve mode killed the pvp server. saga pvp mode kills the pve server.