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Ive ben renting a 40 slot PVP server for some time. Ive noticed a distinct decline in players over the recent month. I totally enjoy Conan but since the Halloween Special Event and the release of the Seekers of the Dawn DLC released on Dec 2018, there has been nothing else released to generate a continued interest in the game, especially with younger players. It seems the general consenus that most “veteran” Conan players are waiting for Funcom to release something of what has been promised, ie the Sorcery update, the updated thrall system, mounts and updated info on the proposed 4 other dungeons etc. Alot of players on my server are all eagerly awaiting the release of Black Desert and later Mount and Blade Bannerlord. I do think that Conan Exiles needs something soon to retain the community’s continued interest. Funcom have created a superb game and I for one do not wish to see the game fall into decline.
I wascalso looking at the MODs avaliable for the game on pc it would be superb if funcom followed Bethedsa’s footsteps( Fallout 4, Skyrim), and were able to implement mods on console. I came away feeling like I was missing out being a console player

I’ll tell you why I almost abandoned CE in January and February: I’m WAITING FOR THE PATCH. Building doesn’t give exp now, and I don’t like running and killing everything I see. I’ve got damned tired of sitting at low levels so I wait for the time when I’ll build my T3 base and get decent exp for it.

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