Urgent, please reply: 16/06/23, after losing a connection, my alliance stopped belonging to me, making it impossible for me to access my item

16/06/23, after losing a connection, my alliance stopped belonging to me, making it impossible for me to access my items, chests and minions. I kindly ask you to correct this error for my continuity in the game.
It is observed that my bed continues to be part of my alliance and my character is not. Grateful

I can’t even play, when I die I go back to the thin bed inside the base, and the base is closed. I can’t open ports.
I play on the 1975 Official PVE server, nick diacono and the AAA alliance.


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A call was opened, with prints attached, however, so far no return

If I’m not wrong, you may check the server events to see what happens.
Not sure you’ll find the answer, but in the meantime, you can check.

I don’t know how to verify this fact. But I believe that support will solve this problem. through the funcom portal, I sent the problems that occurred with prints proving what I say. I can only wait for a holy soul to help me.

Even if I die of hunger or thirst, I can’t play because I’m trapped inside the base. My bed is in a room, which makes it impossible for me to go out or do anything.

Now everything appears without owner

Open the menu (ESC on PC) → Server → Event List.

Select the correct options (I think “clan” in your case) and then click on confirm.
It should show the whole list of events regarding your clan in the latest 7 days.

If you were not alone in your clan, it is possible that someone made a bad joke on you. That’s why I always play solo on PVE.

There was no one in the clan, solo game

in events, nothing appears, just the server boot

Then it’s possible that it’s a bug of the game. You can only wait for the support to answer.

Ok, thanks for the help, wait for support

open called also at funcom.zendesk,com

And do you usually get a response from support?

They always respond.

Not always the answers are useful, but they always answer.
So do not expect them to solve your problem. It doesn’t hurt to give a try, tho.

It also may take some time, but I’m sure you’ll be answered no longer than tomorrow.

If you are just wanting to continue to play on this server, you can always pickup your bed or bedroll, then select the option to respawn in the ‘desert’ after you let yourself starve to death.

Additionally, Zendesk will not likely be able to fix your problem and they will definitely not reimburse you for any items/gear you lost, my condolences. Best of luck to you.

BTW ~ Welcome to the forum @diaconobra :+1:

@Mayra , making sure it gets ur attention , this guy is running out of time!!!

just return my property in the game, that’s enough. so far it has no owner, after the reported bug.


I had the same happen to me just now. This is after the Age of War update, playing on a PC, on a non-official server without mods.

I could not craft emblems (new feature in the Age of War), because I wasn’t in a clan. So I created a new clan, but I still could not craft the emblems – the game insisted that I wasn’t in a clan. In the player listing, I was listed with my new clan name though. I could access the chests in my base and control the thralls as normal.

After I died, I respawned back in the base; not at the bed though, which was weird. The chests, workstations, thralls and everything now had my clan assigned as the Owner, but I no longer had the clan assigned. Thus I am stuck inside and my stuff no longer belongs to me.

the same with me, however, before the update. I can’t wait and hope to get my base back and everything. if not successful, abandoning connan is an option. In oficial server.