US3-Pve - Cannot connect

I was playing earlier this morning on US3-PvE. I logged off for 1 hour and now sit at the loading screen trying to get into the server (ping 80).

I can get into US2-Pve-Conflict with no problem.


US3-PVE crashes way to much, or it has some hardware issue they are not addressing. This poor server needs some love from Funcom. All we can do it wait for the DEV team to restart it again.

More of the same. I can see the server, but cannot join. GRRRR

Indeed it does. Playing on a beta code of the game should always be “at your own risk”, but it plays fairly well on other servers and solo. This server is pretty bad. It makes testing a bit frustrating. Could be part of why there are so few testers out there.

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