Using a controller on PC and issue with Hotbar

So I’m trying to use a controller to play this game on my pc, but I am wondering if there is a way to hide the hotbar like on ps4, where you only have the radical menu and few buttons to the right. Is it possible to replicate it on PC?

What’s the control for that on PS4? Try finding it here and please let me know if you found it or not:

Here some I noticed for PS4 :
Take All/Drop : triangle
Hotbar Slot : no key there’s no hotbar on PS4 only the wheel
Toggle Inventory/Crafting : the pad only toglle inventory. To access crafting recipes you must navigate with R2 or L2 between tabs.
Loot All : triangle like take all.
Zoom : I’d love to know how to zoom. I find the camera to close most of the time.
Vanity Camera : what is it ?
Some of the entries don’t apply to PS4 like Hotbar, anything related to a chat window.

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