Need help with these console controls on the Wiki

I’m looking for console controls and tips and tricks for them. Those are also welcome for PC:

I really would like to know what you are or are not able to do from the map and admin (panel) controls (and commands) as well! These are also listed on the Controls page:

If anything is missing or needs improvement, be sure to let me know.

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Cycle Building Mode is Y (pressing again will cycle modes for pitch/tilt)
Exit Bldg Mode is B
Dismantle is hold X and select dismantle option on wheel GUI popup

Toggle Inventory is start button (opens inv/handmade crafting menu)
Cycle Sort is press Right Bumper <–FYI SUPER USEFUL!!
Cycle tabs is Right Trigger
Cycle Feats is Right bumper
Select Item is A
Drag Item is A to select and drop
Move Item is Right trigger

Toggle Perspective
1st/3rd person is up dpad

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Thank you :smile:

as well as the multi-player section in general :smirk:

For PS4:

The missing building mode controls (Pitch & Tilt) are the same as for Rotate/Raise/Lower - L2 & R2.
Tilt Left: L2
Tilt Right: R2

Decrease Pitch: L2
Increase Pitch: R2

Take All/Drop: Triangle (and a pain in the neck if you happen to be dangling next to a cupboard…)

Hotbar Slot: More of a Hotwheel. Select the item in inventory, hold L1 to bring up the wheel, and select the slot to move it to with the Right Toggle. You can swap a filled slot out with the item you have selected by pressing Square, but it won’t work if you’re holding the item.

Drag Item: X (so press to select & press to place).

Move Item: R2. Will shift all [item] within an inventory slot, as opposed to select & place with X (which will prompt for a number for stackable items)

Loot All: Triangle, as per Take All/Drop

There aren’t as many menu toggles as there seem to be for PC. Player List, Main Menu, Event Log, Take off Bracelet are all accessed from the menu opened with the Options button.

Screenshot & Record info could use some wordsmithing, I’ll try & come back to that for you.

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Edit: I think I’ve figured out what that’s supposed to be like. Let’s not get off-topic though.

It wont work neither, if it is the same item.
Nearly broken steelsword, cannot be replaced with another steelsword.

And how often I took all items, when I wanted to stop climbing or wanted to drop a single item and the focus jumped back to the chest :confused:

Looks good (for PS4).

But what is meant here:
Toggle GUI PS4_BUTTON???

And for opening the inventory at the PS4, you press/touch the touchpad.
Edit: Oh, that was already on the page… Just overscrolled it… So, everything looks good, except this toggle gui and ps4 button.

Edit2: I think it is pretty hard to distinguish between the “SHARE” and “OPTIONS” button, because the UI of the button itself is the same and the “SHARE” or “OPTIONS” text under it, is really hard to see… The coloring is bad… Mostly like the background.

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Toggle player list: Back button (I’ve always said ‘select’ since start is just beside) then Player List menu option.

I am not aware of a shortcut key

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Mhm. Can’t fix this, we don’t have light version or anything, see Template:Key/library - Gamepedia Help Wiki

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