Dismantle Structures Quickly with Controller

“There should an option for a player using a controller, PS4 or Xbox, to activate a fast-deletion feature to delete/destroy/dismantle any building pieces you have built, with the in-game crosshair.”

In short: hold a button and press another button to dismantle anything by looking at it & no prompts to dismantle, just destroy what you see via crosshair and have the freedom to look and move around by doing this, without stopping

Holding Square and using the wheel to confirm dismantling takes too much time with people like me who love to build things but want to restart again

Suggestions would be: PS4; holding L2 and pressing Square to execute the dismantle command, there would be no prompt to dismantle a building by enabling fast delete; Only destroying what you have your crosshair sights on for control (not dismantling something by accident)

Xbox: holding Left Trigger, and pressing X to confirm dismantling automatically

If need be: enable a small wait period/ activation time from pressing the fast delete button combo feature to prevent accidental deletion of buildings while playing near your own buildings.

Also if possible, by enabling a command prompt to enable fast delete like with the War banners, asking if you want to enable PVP or not, can prevent accidental dismantling in case of that scenario.

With all that being said:
I have not seen a way to dismantle multiple building pieces quickly on the PS4, and I do know on the PC, players are able to dismantle buildings by looking at something and by pressing shift+delete, as well as even having the option destroy Multiple Nearby Structures with ctrl+shift+delete command

I think it would be fair to enable console players to be able to dismantle their building structures just as like PC Players as quickly as possible, like how it is normal on the PC platform

The reason why this would be valuable to everybody, including people on the PC And using a controller, is that in situations I find myself is on single player, I create massive structures and practice building things in single player to take the idea on official servers

I have to spend the time dismantling building pieces one by one but because this takes so much time, I have had to make a new single player game every single time, because there is too much buildings in the way of developing a new structure in the same area of an old building I built previously

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I agree totally it can soul destroying,bad pun lol then iv came up with easier method…spend 3 days building,finishing it and thinking GREAT then coming online 5hrs ago and finding everything you built has disappeared :sob: was it just coincidence that I built after update?Have heard from quite a few friends with the same problem…now being in control of that option would make your demolition much easier :crazy_face:

I thumbs up this thread!!!

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