How to delete connected structures on private server in one move

I had reactivated my gportal server for a month. Now I want to see what has changed after 2 years.
Not really much as I saw. The web interface looks a bit different and the options got more descriptions. But the rest seems the same…

Unfortunately I still haven’t found an option in the game as admin to delete a base with one click. Just like the admins do on the official servers.

Is there a possibility as a playstation user?
If I can find something about it then only PC. Can’t open console commands either?

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If you have admin enabled (on Pc), I believe it is Shift+Ctrl+Del to delete large surrounding area but will not delete entire build. Not sure what the command would be on console.


If there is one and believe there isn’t it would have to be done in game with a key board. Not sure about hooking a board to Ps4. @ConanBoDk

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You can, but only to write on diaries and notes. I’ve tried to use console commands, but didn’t succeed. On Xbox, tho, you can.



Thx all. I have tried everything, but nothing works.:pensive:
I think there is no option on playstation

I hope this gets added to the wheel options:

  • Dismantle All Connected
  • Return All Connected To Inventory

They kind of half-way addressed the problem but it’s dependent on support.

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You’re right

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I truly wish it could be done I have spent to much time on my server in the past years dismantling builds left behind bringing up Gods is a waste of time.

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