Is there a way for me to delete structures on a private server?

Had a guy join my private server, play for a couple days leaving thrall wheels, animal pens, and other junk anywhere he felt like, then left to join another server. He hasn’t been back, and now i have to deal with his junk being everywhere. Is there a way for me as an xbox player admin to delete his structures? Can i do it server side somehow?

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Considering that you have no access to mods or the server’s database, all you can do is fly around and manually delete his stuff.


Or set decay rate, and let server know it is on for x amount of time to get rid of that plaeyrs stuff. If he logs back in to refresh, ban the id at that moment. This way it will eventually go away on its own.

How do i ‘manually delete’? That’s the part i need. No need to fly, i just want to delete it but i don’t know how.

I’m not sure how, but i think he removed his player from the server. None of the items list an owner, it’s just blank. I don’t think he’s coming back. That’s why i want the stuff gone. I was willing to tolerate his clutter while he played on my server, but he bailed for a bigger server apparently, so it needs to go.

If he didn’t create a clan, then the owner will show as blank if they are not currently logged in. If they are logged in and you look at their things, it will show the player name as the clan.

If I recall correctly, you should be able to delete their builds while you are in admin mode. You just need to manually delete everything- just go to the building piece, hold down x, and hit the demolish option. You will have to do this piece by piece, unless you plug a keyboard into your xbox. Then you can just go up to it and use shift + delete to clear it faster.