Wiping an entire clan how do you guys do it?

Hey guys i know you can shift delete someone and you can also destroy target but is there a way where we can wipe an entire clans structures at once. Also is there a way I can make them make a new character?

OMG you seem to be very angry about this clan ! :sweat_smile:

You can’t make them create a new character, and concerning the structures, the only way is to destroy every pieces, one by one with explosives. Depend how much you are rich in Dragon Powder and Jugs :wink:

But sometime, wiping consists to raid them hard enough so they decide to leave the server for a new one

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You mean like demolish? Also sounds like you want a mod, or something not built-in to the game.

No I mean on a private server. I have been hosting for three years. I’m just tired of players spamming foundations on my server. I can destroy them with shift delete or destroy target. But I was asking the funcom developers how they wipe entire clans. Aka warpath from. Official and others who have been wiped from official for cheating.


i wou;ld highlight that a feature that allow to a player to destroy a whole structure that he owns will be very usefull too. i mean on all officials servers people that play long time inhereit of building given by other players who left the game. but actually if you want to destroy something you have to demolish piece by piece, which mean if you inherit of a foundation spamming or huge castle, you will never loose your time to destroy it piece by piece. for sure it can decay, but it can be in some location where you refresh it by your own activites. will be good one day to give players an option to destroy a whole building (building that are part of the same decay timer).

Just write a sloppy update and release it to live. The clan wont be able to log in and they will decay out…its the FC way!