Clan Leader Left for good

Hi All, I did a similar post and I am preparing for leaving the clan. Clan leader left without promoting me and I am last man standing.
qq, if I make a tonne of foundations/walls/ etc for a new base then leave my current clan, can I use these foundations for making my new base?

Sorry but I have never raided anyone before so im unsure I can use “made” foundations etc after leaving

I would think so…as long as they are not placed and are in your inventory…but…I never tried it…I my self would get a lotus potion made and respec in full encumbrance …can carry a crap load without being slowed…and rest in grit…depending on your level…take what you can,if you can,from the clan…then I would load up on building supplies for my new place…then leave the clan before I craft anything.


Hmm yeah I think what your saying is the best solution. I can put all the foundations/etc in my inventory to max encum(I think 555%) and leave all the chests open come back and take them all. FYI I am “stealing” them from myself lol because there is no one else in the clan. I just cant use Vaults invite or join other clans without loosing everything

I think igot to 864% encumberance. Just helped a friend who finished the game. I put all his stuff in my garage for later.
He’s restarting.

Also remember to keep an eye on the decay timer for that vault,so you can be there when you can demo it and get the stuff…use a repair hammer to see timer and once its decayed you have 24hrs till it disappears. :wink:

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Cheers pal, it will only decay after I leave clan right?

WOW 864? full movement? That would make my trips fewer for sure.

Yea once you leave the clan the timer cant be reset…will start decaying

No. I don’t have an encumbrance build and yellow lotus resetting feats is a pain in the a.
Was the slowest walk home I ever did.

lol, ah right! I went max enc and and the max I could carry was 555% but could still run

ok thanks Lexior, qq I am going on vacation for 2 weeks in september, I guess even if I leave clan and create a new base im kind of buggered because my new base will decay>? if so this really sucks

Why not quit entirely, the rest of the playerbase is, RIP CE.

@Noobiesnacks Yea u might be pretty much screwed…sux you don’t have anyone to log in for you or a laptop take with you…if you want, friend me on steam and hit me up with the server you are on and I’ll make a toon,you make a clan and I’ll join and keep it refreshed for you till you get back if you want

Break down the base, make a vault and put all the important stuff in it. Destroy the vault or vaults, leave the clan and put everything in another vault you made.

Thanks Lexior, a very kind offer man. Im in the process of planning my clan retirement and might have a couple of options of joining clans already on the server. Ive nothing to lose I guess. Thanks !

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You’re welcome! Hope all goes well!

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