Clan Ownership - Leader Left Game

Hi Funcom & Community,
I joined a clan 3 weeks ago, a very small clan of just 2 people including me.
Clan leader left the game just over 2 weeks ago without transferring leadership to me which means im kind of stuck. Dont know if he will be back and do not have any way to contact him outside of game.

I am unable to invite people to clan and if I leave I lose everything.

Any advice please?


If you can’t contact the leader at all, the only thing you can do is :

  • Build as many chests / vaults as needed outside your base and unlock them.
  • Put everything you have inside.
  • Dismantle your base for mats
  • Leave the clan, create another
  • Get your items back in the open chests
  • Rebuild

Maybe for more security, unlock the chests just before you leave the clan.
Do that outside of PvP hour

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ok thanks, looks like ill have to do that ! It will take a while lol

Have not tried this yet but can I dismantle the Vault? ( I cannot open it currently) and if I am able to dismantle it will this destroy the mats inside?
Ill give the leader another week or so to return before doing anything drastic
Thanks again

I nerver had the opportunity to try, but my guess is you can’t dismantle it.

Is it built directly on the ground though? If not, you could just dismantle the foundation/ceiling underneath it

edit: When you dismantle a chest/vault, the items inside are not lost. It makes a bag.

perfect Starbug, yes it is built on ceiling tiles so should fall. If I then make another Vault while staying in the same clan will I be able to access the vault that I have made? thanks

No idea, maybe go for chests only to be safe.

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yep will do! thanks

so got rid of all the supporting tiles on the Vault but because the tiniest part of the corner was against rock it didnt fall :frowning: Darn! So I made my own Vault and guess what? I deployed it and it was AutoLocked and unaccessable. That is kind of daft for a Vault that I made…

Now just keep an eye on the old vaults decay timer(with a repair hammer)so you can demo it when it is decayed…remember,once that decay timer is done the vault will totally disappear in 24hrs.

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You should be able to dismantle the vault and there will be a big loot bag left behind.

Vaults are bugged ATM. even if you could dismantle everything under it, it would still float. I have pics of this with many vaults.

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I kinda have the same situation. I built my own base, joined a clan and now everyone is gone. If I leave the clan, i can’t access my own starting base right?
If that’s true that’s need to be changed. Especially when everyone abandon the game. And what’s happening to my own starting base if I join a new clan? Guess I’m stuck with solo clan play on a heavy pvp server…

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I think if you are the leader of the clan then you can join another and keep your existing buildings. Someone will correct me if I have that wrong.

I think they need an absent leader vote system or promotion system. I have played other games where if leader was absent there was a vote prompted and he would be demoted.

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Good tip, ill keep an eye out Lexior for that thanks

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Hi Spiral, no the leader left the game and im the only clan member left playing and unable to access the Vault. If I leave the clan now I lose everything… :frowning:

Yeah Padchi, youll be starting from scratch keeping only what is in your Inventory

Ah okay so I’m stuck with the clan then. The clan base is huge and the other clans thinks that’s my base is a safe house so I’m getting attacked all the time…

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what you could do (and what I am considering to do myself) as a previous poster suggested is build a tonne of large chests, leave them open, dump everything from the clan in them. Dismantle the base(for resources) leave clan, build another base loot all the chests. Youll need to time this though so no one steals ur loot
Good luck man

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