Losing access to a Vault after I joined a clan

Game mode: Online
Problem: Bug
Region: Jungle

I had made a base in the Jungle and had created a vault. I then received a message from some people and went adventuring with them they invited to their clan. I joined and we adventured together for some time. I eventually went home to my base and logged off. The next day I got on and wanted to put some items in the vault but it said it was locked. I attempted to scrap the vault and start over and it wouldn’t let me scrap it. The other members of the clan have not been on during the week and I am still only the first rank in the clan and can’t ask them to promote me. I am afraid if I leave the clan my base will stay in the clan and I will lose everything I have collected.

Steps on how to reproduce issue:
1.Build a vault
2.Join a clan at the first rank

3.Log off and wait one day
4Log on and attempt to open vault…

That is part of the game. When you joined their clan all of your stuff became the clans stuff. If you are rank 1, you can’t access any vault regardless of who built it. You HAVE to get ranked up in order to access it. That is just part of the game. If you leave the clan, everything will still be the clans. You will have to start fresh. Sorry.

A while ago, in response to players requests for vault access to be restricted, Funcom made the change that officer and clan leaders only can access vaults.
I hope your new clan-mates return soon and promote you to officer rank so you can access it.

Damn I was afraid that was the issue. I am glad I cooled down enough not to just quit the clan I had built a lot of stuff.

Just getting them to up your rank to member will give you access to the vault.

Frankly, this is the general problem with their permissions system (or lack thereof). I suspect that a lot of people think that clans work similarly to how guilds work in MMOs. That’s not the case.

If you join my clan, everything that is yours becomes mine. If you leave, or if I decide to kick you for any reason, what’s yours is still mine and there is absolutely nothing you can do about (aside from PvP, where you could try to join an enemy clan and raid my base to get your stuff back).

So, in summary, the way things work now, joining a clan where you do not personally know the people in that clan is an invitation for you to get screwed with your pants on.

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Its been changed not too long ago and probably happened to have people not be too vary of others and allowing to have new members do a testing period instead of fully trusting them instantly. I think that is fine, but then again it’s bad for those cases.

I would still vote for a more differentiated right system than we currently have.

Allowing for personal, clan and public rights, to be set up after something has been placed.
Vaults would start as locked personal storage, which causes them to be locked for clanmembers and anyone else - if changed to clan, usage depends on clan rights.

Upon joining a clan, everything which previously belonged to the new member would still be set to personal ownership.

Also clanrights could be more precise as well. Best would be having people decide themselves which rank gets which rights, or deconstruction and access to vaults stays as officers/viceleaders only, with the rank below having access to other storage and the first - newbie - rank having access to stations only. (Aside of entering bases.)

Of course unlocked storage would be open to anyone just like currently.

True. Though the same applies vice versa.
Which is what some people actually try.

If they don’t come back, you can dismantle the pieces under the stuff you want and then take it. Assuming the vault doesn’t end up floating. Not sure if that’s fixed.

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