New Vault Not Usable

**Game mode:**Online | MP | Private Server (rented)
Type of issue: BUG
Server type: PVP
Region: North America

New vault placed on ground immediately shows as locked state.
Cannot unlock it.
Cannot dismantle it.

No step by step procedure.
Built the vault, put it in inventory.
Placed it on ground on west side of Riversend.
Shows as locked.
Cannot Unlock it.
Cannot Dismantle it.

Until this bug is fixed, I’m stuck with a useless vault and I’m not going to reset my server to start from scratch again because of this.

Are you the leader of your clan? You have to be an officer or leader to access a vault.


I placed a new vault on my solo game. Worked as intended for me.

Thanks for responding.
I just found out much to my dismay, that only the Clan leader can access it and dismantle it.
I promoted her to clan leader and restarted my character from scratch to avoid repeating some mistakes.
But, she’s still learning this game and hasn’t thought of promoting me.

That’s okay though. I can live with it. But if worse comes to worse, I can reset my server.

Yeah, sure. She “forgot” to promote you. :smirk:

Maybe it would be a good idea if I asked her … nicely?

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