Controller Configuration Suggestions and Improvement

Firstly, I created this post because the game feels very slow to me. It just feels like it’s optimised for a PC, scrolling across with a cursor at a swift pace. We don’t have that on console, just analogues for that. So, i made these suggestions. I hope you’s agree with me.

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NOTE: for Xbox controls L1/R1 would be LB/RB and X would be A.

  1. Switching sides in inventory/crafting:

It would be nice in there was a L1/R1 toggle featue to allow you to go from your invetory (left side, L1 button) to your crafting (right side, R1 button) for quicker navigation. It can be a drag waiting for the white square to reach the other side. It’s very frustrating when you’re constantly crafting things going to and from your inventory.

  1. Un-equiping wielded item:

A quick tap of L1 to put you weapon, shield, tool, etc… away for smooth gameplay and to save time.

  1. Move things between inventories:

Tap X button rather than R2 as to not cause confusion when looting crates/bodies, etc… It can be frustrating switching things around in your inventory and then you go to your crate and you’re jumping, punching and dodging getting confused. I’m probably on the way to destroying my crate with all my loot by accident, which would be annoying.

  1. Choosing stack amounts:

You should be able to set your own amount in a stack for better overall control and division. I get encumbered from trying to quickly grab some supplies to just do certain things.
Edit: I noticed you can count amounts, but it’s weird.

  1. Crafting mode with wheel: :heavy_check_mark:

I feel like there should be a crafting mode which exchanges item wheel to a crafting wheel (when in the mode) and everything you have in your inventory that was just crafted is now on the wheel for easier building.

  1. Crafting from crate box::heavy_check_mark:

When you’re in need of extra supplies and you have them in a crate box, you should be able to craft and use those extra supplies straight from the crate, rather than equipping and going to and from your inventories.

  1. Death loot should never disappear.

You die, run to your loot, pick up something on the way, die again, drop a new loot pile, then your old good loot pile disappears. I dont know if this is a bug or what but I wish we had the chance to always be able to pick it up. No matter what, it should always be there. I lost lots of loot because of this. Especially when you’re not playing on easy for the challenge.

  1. Viewing your inventory wheel:

As long as you hold L1, the wheel should stay as you remove things from there and consume food. It works sometimes for removing items. I don’t know if this is a bug, so I put this in too.

  1. Cleaner foundation look:

The grass that pops through your foundations on the ground should disappear when ypuve placed down foundations, so it doesn’t look overgrown. It can be annoying looking if you’re a perfectionist.

  1. An option to pin a recipe::heavy_check_mark:

This would be very useful, as there is a lot of things going on in the game.

Please let me know if you have any yourself and If you like theses suggestions please leave a like below to help get recognition. I put a lot of thought into this and ill update as I find more. Thanks, happy gaming. :slight_smile::ok_hand:t3: :video_game::desktop_computer: :person_fencing:

For #1, one thing I found that helped was to hit Left when you start up and are in the left-most square on your inventory. It pops you over to the right-side of the crafting area. Makes things a bit less of a pain.

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I noticed you could do that too, but it’s frustrating when you have to go in and out of there and you’re in the middle of the slots. A quick tap to select your side would be helpful and you’d get things done quicker in the long run, Imo.

Maybe I’m just impatient lol.:joy:

Thanks anyway broski. :ok_hand:t3:

I’d dearly love a second wheel for the PS4 as well.

One to hold your building pieces, the other to remain with your torch and gear for traveling.

Or else both holding building stuff when you are doing some massive renovation. Instead of having to hop into the inventory and swap it around as needed.

Yeah, definitely. We’d be able to make our beasting master pieces quicker. Sometimes I spend ages and I’ve only built a little shack.:joy::joy: