Key Mapping - Controller Issue

Simply put the key mapping for controllers needs an update. PS4 controller is an interesting device, but not utilised as much as I’d like.

Advantages I would like to utilise:

  • touch pad, ability to draw
  • touch pad, two buttons in one
  • wider range of press and hold items
  • clearer button cluster division

I’ve played games almost all my life and I feel a thorough mapping design of command keys is vital to a game’s success on a console. There are issues with the commands, perhaps more than I know of, and for that reason I’d like to take a moment and ask the assistance of the community to tell in the comment section which key related issues they have stumbled on and how to perhaps solve them.

For example; crouch accidentally near a station, take all items without notice, rise up and ponder why overencumbered so suddenly. Press and hold to take all instead of a tap.

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Haha this happens to me all the time but more for chests/cupboards. Then swearing follows because usually I have things organized a certain way and then I gotta fix it :weary:

Another “fun” thing is hitting circle to cancel/close something either one too many times or for something I don’t need to and I roll off a cliff :joy:
But this happens to me in a number of games (Arkham Knight, etc) so not just a Conan thing :blush:

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Exactly :joy:

Fyi the touch pad can be more than two buttons, elite dangerous uses the four corners of the pad as buttons but in that game there’s more key binds than you could shake a stick at so its still not enough lol :smile:

Scrolling through the inventory menus is a chore using thumb stick presses for example to change the menu between the different recipes types like construction/weapons would be a godsend.

The archery aiming is difficult when your character is blocking your view all the time, raising the camera a bit would help with this but I’d like to see a first person view for combat too.

Theoretically it may have viable enough space for at least around 8 buttons if not more.

Tap both the left stick to the left and d-pad left to gain approx. 1.5 to 2 times the scrolling speed to the left. Works for all main directions. Found out yesterday that this works in this game as well.

Sometimes the camera leaves the health bar above the vision space so it would be great to raise facing a bit.

I know about the speed increase it works in the admin panel as well as long as you aren’t facing a bench or chest as then it just opens the quick inventory of the piece.

sigh… Yeah, that thing… Quick inventory you say. Needs an update as well. I’ve never used it deliberately. Always due accidents. However, I know the approach itself is essential to what I’ve envisioned. If only it was tweaked a bit different. :confounded:

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