Right on dpad act weird for anyone else?

So, I play on Ps4 and PC.

At First, I thought maybe it was Xbox Controller on PC, Tried Ps4 one… same thing.
Hoped on Ps4, and again… all 3 controllers do it.

After moving items in inventory, right dpad wont register to move to right (inside inventory) I have to pick another direction, for it to work normal.

At 1st, I thought it was me mapping Map to left dpad, (got sick of opening map trying go thru inventories on the fly)
You can’t remap controls on Ps4.

Doing this for everyone else?

Yeah inventory navigation with ps controller weird on pc. Sometimes it just goes unresponsive and I have to use the sticks or grab my mouse.

I didn’t find good overlay for ps4, so swapped to xbox one. (still press X PS Style…(which is A on Xbox)
Instead of X on Xbox… which is normally .


I found a few oddties with ps4 controllers in general. Most of thme seem to be MS messing with Sony stuff.

This issue is across multi Xbox and Ps Controllers. Across platforms. (PC and PS4, don’t own this on xbox) Were Right on Dpad wont move cursor in inventory after moving item.
You Place item in Quickbar/Thrall/Pet, and when games snaps back to your inventory. right on Dpad wont move right. Other 3 directions will, which then makes right work.

Seems like how inventory moves when sorted maybe? Not quite sure…

I use ds4windows for my ps controllers and it works great in general, but there are a few oddities with CE that come and go I’m trying to get to the bottom of. They are intermittent.

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