Can not scroll over to thrall's inventory

Anyway I try to get into any thrall’s inventory I can not scroll over to it.

I know it’s a pain. Crazy uncomfortable but use the right thumb stick to switch between inventories. Hopefully you aren’t having issues with auto running

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Yes I am have auto running issues as well. Thanks for the work around.

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Here’s a sprint work around, depending on whether you actually use the kick/block/special attack.

I re-mapped my controller for Sprint Toggle to the left trigger. I moved the kick/block to Hold Triangle. It takes a little getting used to, but it works for me.

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Exactly what I did brother, until they fix it back (hopefully).

Does not work!
Using the right thumbstick only changes the “sort” option in MY inventory but does not switch to other inventories.

No don’t push in move the stick right

Yeah, got it. Had been little … hmm … unpatiend I guess. :smiley:

My cursor is stuck in the main inventory box and it’s happening across all servers. I can’t move anything to any of the other inventory boxes?

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